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Test: Land Rover Range Rover First Edition Diesel 3.0 AWD

At Avtomobilnost, we tested the new generation range rover, a car that can overcome seemingly unimaginable obstacles on unpaved roads due to its technological advancement, but is mostly used by its owners for driving on asphalt.

There are many stereotypes about cars. Some of them you they affect the quality of the car, others define the owners, and there are cars that leave almost no one indifferent. Range Rover is definitely one such car.

Already more like 50 years represents ranks rover calm, unobtrusive elegance. Those who like him make him stars, but there are people who don’t ranks rover just doesn’t like it.

The shape that makes big impression

Range Rover it certainly impresses the last generation with its design. Not only is the newcomer with a drag coefficient of 0.30 among the most aerodynamic in its class, it could be written that it is truly the result of the desire of the designers who wanted to create a luxurious vehicle in an unobtrusive way.

The suspension also uses data from the navigation device to adjust damping.  Photo: MMC RTV SLO/Sebastjan Plevnjak

If you the front part of the car does not differ much from its predecessor, but the side part does completely different. We first saw them at velarand now there is also a new one ranks rover equipped with hooks that you they completely sink into the door when not in use. I admit they look fancy, but you they need to get used to it. Usability compared to classics is limited and different. Not to say whimsical. They complete the side image completely new rims. It was a test car equipped with the largest as large as 23 inches which look fantastic but I don’t believe so you will the owner dare to drive with them on an unpaved off-road. Alone you I’m not even on the sidewalk.

The rear of the car is decidedly different. Now it is even more elegant, the narrow lights have been pushed completely to the extreme edges of the body. But the rear is cut off relatively steeply, which happens when parking in reverse.

Luxurious cabin

The luxury of living is also offered by the interior. The materials are top quality, the design elegance is at the highest possible level. The driver’s workspace is flawless, even the switches and buttons on the center console are light reachable. Digital progress you reflects in completely a new 13.1-inch central screen, which is complemented by a 13.7-inch screen in front of the passenger. The central screen works well and quite logically, also because it works on the principle of a smartphone. However, we would still like slightly larger icons, because sometimes it is too time-consuming to operate the screen while driving.

It is much easier to operate with the driver’s display. Via the switches on the steering wheel you different screens can be selected, including navigation. And if all the above is not enough, there is more big and a generous projection screen with information.

The cabin is spacious and luxurious.  Photo: MMC RTV SLO/Sebastjan Plevnjak

Range Rover with the year 2022 it is set anew platform MLA-Flex, which allows basic and extended wheelbase. The base wheelbase, which measures 2,997 millimeters, allows for an interior with four or five seats, for The 20-centimeter longer wheelbase also allows the choice of seven seats.

Powerful on the road

The test car had a 3-liter under the front hood turbodiesel unit with 258 kW or around 350 “horses”. Despite the fact that the mass drove more like 2 and a half tons, the acceleration from a standstill to 100 km/h is a little more like six seconds, and acceleration you stops, where it is allowed, only at the figure of 234 km/h. At least 11 liters of diesel fuel will be required for 100 kilometers with dynamic acceleration, while driving at a leisurely pace, such like is on our normal range, but the consumption was only 7.3 liters.

Range Rover it is like created for highway cruises, however you thanks to the new MLA-Flex platformsnew electronic air suspension and four-wheel steering completely it does well even in the city crowd. Platform it is completely flexible and will also serve the electric version in the future. In conjunction with navigation, the air suspension can take care even before the bend for minor tilting of the body in a corner, and the four-wheel steering is a concern for greater stability at higher speeds, and in the city it enables a turning circle of 11 meters, which is at the level of a middle-class passenger car.

The Range Rover is available as standard with rear-wheel steering, which with a 7-degree turning angle enabled a turning angle of only 11 meters.  This is comparable to compact passenger cars.  Photo: MMC RTV SLO/Sebastjan Plevnjak

In practice you it demonstrates all of the above in such a way that the driver from behind the steering wheel does not have the feeling that he is driving more like a five meter long car. Maybe a little more attention should be paid to the width of the vehicle, but everything else is quite easy.

Four-wheel drive promises a lot

Like you for the reputation of the English model is well deserved, you even the new one is not afraid of the terrain. Otherwise, I doubt that many drivers will buy it for that reason you will pass on off-road and unpaved terrains, and yet – Land Rover’s four-wheel drive is capable of climbing, which is difficult to overcome on foot, while at the same time you with a new one ranks the rover can be driven into water as much as 90 centimeters high.

Ordinary you debates about the usefulness of an expensive car are raging among those people who do not own such a car, nor can they afford one. And the reason for buying such a car is quite a lot easy – buy it if you can. Without twisting – the price of the test car was 178,509 euros.

It’s true that a lot, but whoever has them will give them away for the new one ranks rover, there will be if he must have already wasted them forno doubt, a good car.

Source: Rtvslo

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