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BMW motorcycle “cruiser”



BMW’s motoring heritage

“Cruisers” or touring motorcycles are a special type of motorcycle. In many ways, these are specific, and we at Avtomobilnost devoted ourselves to them due to their steep rise in popularity in recent years.

Cruisers” in the future, according to analysts, they will only gain more popularity. Let’s remember, among the founders of this class of motorcycles it is Harley-Davidson. Harley it is managed to make it out of a motorcycle religion.

In the United States, during the hard times of the motor industry, the Hollywood film industry, banks and politics came together, led by President b, who it is personally committed to the Harley-Davidson brand.

The reasons for the increase in popularity nowadays can also be traced back to the 1950s, when soldiers who were looking for something different after the Second World War got on motorcycles. This is exactly what the riders of these motorcycles are looking for even today. These types of motorcycles are not bought because they need them, but because there is a story behind them. If someone has their own historically based story, it is this BMW.

Maximilian Renko says that when we start the engine, we feel it shake due to the brute force of the reciprocating engine.  It is important to feel the motorcycle immediately.  The feeling on such a motor is different.  This is BMW heritage.  Photo: MMC RTV SLO/Luka Gregorič

It’s not just a product

V Automobiles we are at the BMW”cruiser” R 18 talked to Maximilian Renkoa native of Slovenia, otherwise in charge of motorcycling heritage at the BMW brand.

“It’s not the product, it’s the history and heritage of the brand, that it is its meaning that goes beyond the product itself. These motorcycles were a must have anti-piston engine. Harley Davidson used two engines. Japanese brands tried to imitate them. They failed because they were not authentic, respectable. Our first motorcycles had counter tact engine. The design, lines, shape are 99 years old. In 1923 we introduced R32, his first motorcycle. The lines are the same, the frame rises and wraps around the rear hub,” says the interlocutor. He adds that all this can be found on their first motorcycle. They also want to present an authentic story with these motorcycles. That’s why anti-piston engine. Hence the visible connecting rod. These things are important. They are not just decorations. They are the basis. There is no plastic on these motorcycles. Reminiscent of metal, it is metal.

Large touring motorcycles are back in fashion.  Photo: MMC RTV SLO/Luka Gregorič

An old craft it is came to life again

“Important it is, that the front and rear fenders, although heavier, are truly metal. The colors of the thin lines are applied manually. This it is a forgotten craft that it is it is a single retired worker from a Berlin factory was skilled. We found the gentleman. We asked him to teach the art of hand lettering to young guys who had previously tattooed or spray painted. To see it is simple, but really it is very difficult to catch the right line. These guys draw a line across the tank in one go. Continuous it is. This it is for real badly cool. Any robot could draw the lines more accurately. In the case of manual work, we know that it is this was done by a man who it is taught this art for months and years and perfected it. We notice the lines made with the brush, which are not perfectly even, but that’s what attracts us, the imperfection.” says Renko.

You can watch a longer conversation with him in the video contribution from the show Automobility.

Source: Rtvslo

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