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Labor inspectors wrote 3.5 million euros in fines in 2021



The year before, fines were 600,000 euros more

Last year, the Labor Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia carried out 38,624 inspections, in 2020, for example, 14,118. It carried out 23,639 inspections in the field of labor relations, 4,549 in the field of safety and health at work, and 436 in the field of social affairs.

They imposed fines of 3.5 million euros, which is 600,000 euros less than in the previous year. Inspectors received 6,797 reports last year, 7,215 in 2020. “The applications largely reflected the epidemiological situation – both from the point of view of ensuring safety and health at work, which was an additional challenge for employers in the face of the new coronavirus, and from the point of view of labor relations,” they wrote at the inspectorate.

As they recalled, due to the spread of the coronavirus disease, they were given additional powers, namely to control the Act on Infectious Diseases and the decrees that the government passed to contain and control the disease, an important part of the control powers was also given at the expense of special anti-coronavirus laws. “With the unchanged number of inspectors and additional powers, the inspectorate had to significantly adjust its work in 2021,” they emphasized.

At the end of last year, 228,795 business entities were registered in the business register, they reminded. “The number of business entities is increasing every year, but the number of employed inspectors is not keeping up sufficiently, despite staff reinforcements in recent years,” they repeated the persistent conundrum. At the end of last year, they had a total of 121 employees, including 92 inspectors in addition to the chief inspector.

18,343 violations

Last year, 18,343 different violations were identified, 9,736 administrative and misdemeanor measures were issued, and 36 reported suspicions of committing a criminal act or criminal charges were reported, according to the annual report of the labor inspectorate, which was signed by the now former chief labor inspector Jadranko Grlić.

The lion’s share of violations, 9,886, were detected in the field of labor relations. Most often, it was violations in the field of payment for work and other benefits from the employment relationship (6012). This was followed by violations related to employment in a broader sense (711) and irregularities related to records in the field of labor and social security (632). They also found 337 violations related to working hours and the provision of breaks and rest, and 350 violations related to the termination of the employment contract.

The most violations were listed in construction, followed by manufacturing and catering.

Security and health at work

In the field of safety and health at work, inspectors found 8,384 violations, mostly related to risk assessment and the creation of a safety statement with a risk assessment (2,702 violations), followed by violations regarding the order and safety of outdoor workplaces (1,332 violations), regarding the provision workers’ health protection (1007 violations), regarding the adequacy of work equipment (638), regarding the provision of personal protective equipment (594 violations) and regarding the training of workers to perform work safely (559 violations).

In the field of social affairs, the largest number of inspections, 62 percent, as expected, related to the actions of social work centers, namely the regulation of relationships between parents and children after the breakup of the family union (34 percent), the provision of social welfare services (18 percent), to the protection of children at risk and foster care (17 percent), to dealing with domestic violence (15 percent), to the performance of tasks related to the enforcement of rights from public funds (14 percent) and to tasks related to the appointment of a guardian and the performance of guardianship tasks (nine percent).

Last year, the inspectorate carried out seven targeted control campaigns, or intensified year-round targeted controls. The inspectorate’s report will be considered by the Labor Committee of the DZ on Friday.

Source: Rtvslo

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