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How to get rid of fake Black Friday offers?



Black Friday is celebrated on November 25th, but some stores are extending their offers until Sunday.  /DEM

Black Friday is celebrated on November 25th, but some stores are extending their offers until Sunday. /DEM

On November 25th, “Black Friday” (Black Friday) is celebrated and Salvadoran companies are participating on this day and have already announced promotions offering discounts of up to 70% on social networks.

The Consumer Ombudsman reported doing the test during the day, but you can also take care of yourself by following these tips.

1.- Define your priorities

Make a list of the products you need and see where you can get them. Have a “plan b” in case the first option sells out before you buy.

2.- No hurry

Don’t be fooled by offers and compare prices with other stores before you buy. Check contract quality and terms.

3.- Invoice

Always ask for an invoice or ticket as it is your resource if the product is defective. Make sure the warranty for the item you purchase is clear.

4.- Don’t use what you don’t have

Set the maximum amount that can be used for purchases. Consider your current income and avoid credit card debt.

5.- Warn on site

If you buy online, make sure the site is secure and official before entering your credit or debit card details.

6.- Check the “S”

Make sure the extension of the site you buy is HTTPS, not just HTTP. An “S” at the end indicates that the portal has a high security level.

7.- Don’t use public Wi-Fi

It sounds like something out of a spy movie, but using the internet from public sites puts sensitive information at high risk.


With the rise of digital sales, the risk of falling victim to fraud also increases. Do not open emails containing offers, even if they appear legitimate.

9.- Deletion of data

After making a purchase on a digital site, be sure to remove sensitive information such as card numbers and bank account passwords.

10.- Claims

If the product does not meet specifications at the time of purchase, the business is obligated to indemnify and does not file a complaint with the Ombudsman.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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