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Department of Agriculture begins delivery of rice fertilizer



MAG will benefit 300 rice growers.

MAG will benefit 300 rice growers.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) has started deliveries of fertilizer benefiting 5,000 Manzana rice crops.

MAG, through a publication on its social network, has assured that the interim minister of the department, Enrique Parada, is presiding over the delivery of 1,600 manzana supplies in Zapotitan.

“We are going to give them triple 15 formula, which is the best fertilizer to feed them. We cover 5,000 apples and deliver quintal for every apple they produce,” Parada said. explained in a statement.

Executives have promised that the strategy will provide five times more fertilizer per apple to 300 rice growers belonging to the Zapotitan Irrigation Association (Agrosec), the Atiokoyo Irrigation Association and the Nueva Concepcion Irrigation Association.

Additionally, the savings from this distribution was shown to be $56 per farmer.

With this new distribution, the agency ensured that rice marketing methods would be improved, infrastructure would be invested in risk areas, and an agreement would be established with Colombia to create new varieties of rice.

This strategy is one of the measures still applied as a result of Tropical Storm Julia, which caused human and financial losses to the country.

According to official sources, 21,739 manzanas of maize, 384 fruits and vegetables, 31,250 beans, 909 rice and 60,000 coffee were damaged during the climate event.

MAG has already started providing inputs for beans, coffee and food packaging.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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