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The grocery basket is the cheapest since the beginning of the census, by almost a sixth compared to last September



Cereal products rose in price the most

The average basket of basic foodstuffs, the prices of which are monitored by the Ministry of Agriculture, cost 41.28 euros at six retailers in Slovenia on January 17, which is the lowest so far and about 17 percent less than the value at the first census last September.

Also in this census, the value of the cheapest basket was in Lidl, namely EUR 39.06. Spar (39.43 euros), Hofer (39.79 euros), Mercator (42.44 euros), Tuš (42.66 euros) and Eurospin (44.28 euros) followed.

According to the previous census, the average value of the cheapest basket decreased by as much as 2.84 euros, or by almost six and a half percent, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food emphasized. The difference between the cheapest and the most expensive basket among traders has also decreased, which in this census amounts to a little more than five euros. This indicates the convergence of the lowest prices among individual traders, they wrote in the press release.

According to the ministry, the special feature of this census is that the price of the basket increased at only one trader, while it decreased at the remaining five.

Based on the entire period of monitoring price movements of the basket of 15 basic foods, namely from September 13 last year until January 17, the value of the average cheapest basket was the lowest in this census, namely EUR 41.28.

Analyzes of the tenth census reveal that, compared to the ninth census, the price of cereal products increased the most, namely pasta by almost six percent, flour by a little over four percent and bread by a good three and a half percent.

However, the prices of pork meat, which fell by a little less than a quarter, and the prices of beef meat, which fell by a fifth compared to the first census, fell noticeably.

The average value of a basket of fruit and vegetables decreased by EUR 1.28 compared to the previous census and now amounts to EUR 28.54. This also increased the difference between the lowest and highest value of the fruit and vegetable basket at individual retailers, which currently amounts to 12.56 euros.

Source: Rtvslo

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