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Claro Rewards Excellent Academic Performance With Scholarships



Sergio Chueca, Country Director of Claro El Salvador, is offering one of the scholarships, along with Claro's Human Resources Manager.courtesy

Sergio Chueca, Country Director of Claro El Salvador, is offering one of the scholarships, along with Claro’s Human Resources Manager.courtesy

Claro El Salvador is committed to the development of the country through education and continuous training, and has awarded 162 new scholarships to the children of its high-achieving, future-building employees.

Delivery of clear scholarship It has been in place since 2010 and has helped more than 1,800 children and young people to complete their primary, basic and high school studies in the education center of their choice.


The only requirement that students who are children of Claro El Salvador collaborators must meet to benefit from this program is to achieve an excellent academic performance average of 8.5, but above all they want to achieve excellent grades. have a strong desire to

“This year we are awarding more scholarships than last year and it is a clear example of the talent we have in this wonderful family and in this country. Celebrate the achievements of little children by rewarding their efforts to maintain academic excellence that will take them where they want to go in the future.” El Salvador.

In addition to being a financial aid to employees, the Claro Scholarship Program is a mechanism for recognizing the talent and dedication of students who work hard to achieve their academic goals and train for success in their professional lives. am.

“Be persistent, use your talents, and work tirelessly to achieve your dreams,” said Sergio Chueca to new scholarship recipients who will receive another year of company support.

With this initiative, Claro El Salvador reaffirms its commitment to El Salvador’s development while encouraging continued research into the children and young people affected by the program.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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