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Davibienda honors technology ventures at DIATEC



Winner of the Idea Development category.

Winner of the Idea Development category.

Davivienda El Salvador concluded the fifth edition of EspacioTec with an award gala called DIATEC.

EspacioTec is a pioneering technology entrepreneurial initiative at the national level, providing opportunities for the successful development of projects and companies that have a technology component in their business model.

In addition, Davivienda provided the participants with the tools and knowledge to develop the project. For example, business plan preparation, prototyping, testing, networking for go-to-market.

This edition was created in two categories:

1- Idea development:
We have adopted 128 projects that were in the idea stage. As a requirement, participants had to have a business idea with technical elements in the marketing, distribution, or payment process.

The winning project in this category was Rivera del Campo, who received a $10,000 worth bag of David Vienda products and also underwent a bootcamp that included raising capital and growing internationally.

2- Business Development:
22 early stage companies participated in this category. These had to be companies with solid, innovative business models, with structured finance and well-defined customer segments.

Winner of the Business Development category.

Winner of the Business Development category.

The winner of this category was Tareyas, who received $10,000 worth of Davivienda products and Bootcamp. Entrepreneurs participated in a training process that included sessions with experts, professors, experts, and recognized businessmen in their field. They formed an “innovation table” to help entrepreneurs strengthen their business propositions.

“Davivienda is pleased to have reached this moment as we conclude the new edition of Espacio Tech, an event that emphasizes our commitment to innovation, a key pillar of business development, in addition to supporting entrepreneurs in El Salvador. We are proud of it,” said Ricardo Velásquez, Innovation Manager at Banco Davivienda Salvadoreño.

“Davivienda is proud to support Salvadorans for the fifth time in EspacioTec, a companion program where finalists present their ideas in front of an expert jury. to contribute to giving back to society all the trust that has been given in the 139-year history of Davibienda El Salvador, Gerardo Ciman, President

Gerardo Ciman, president of David Vienda El Salvador.

Gerardo Ciman, president of David Vienda El Salvador.

With initiatives such as EspacioTec, Davivienda not only provides financial products and services for entrepreneurs, but also invests in them, prepares them and invests in their future.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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