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Golob signed an agreement not to pay the million dollar performance award



The decision was taken by the General Assembly of Gen-I

Prime Minister Robert Golob signed an agreement which, according to the decision of the Gen-I General Assembly, stipulates that the members of the management are not entitled to the business performance award for 2021, the company explained. Some other members of management have not yet signed the agreement.

But if he won the Golob award, it would go to charity, he announced some time ago. Last January, upon entering the political arena, Golob asserted that he had notarized a promise that the award, which is due to him along with his salary for the successful operation of Gen-I, would be paid to humanitarian organizations.

However, at the December General Assembly of Gen-I, which is majority-owned by the state, a decision was made to use all available money to mitigate the effects of the high price, reports Delo. Officially, the general assembly – at which the amount was not discussed – adopted a decision to submit to the members of the management for signature an agreement stating that the entitlement to the award for the extraordinary performance of the Gen-I Group in 2021 did not arise and they will receive the annual award for the business year does not belong.

Gen energija, which is a co-owner of Gen-I, told Dela that the resolution of the assembly is still “in progress”. In Gen-I, they explained that Golob has already signed the agreement, and they are still waiting for the response of the other members of the management, who held office until November 17, 2021.

The award should thus go to two other members of the board, namely to Igor Koprivnikar and Andrej Šajnwhich would pay them a slightly lower amount than Golob.

According to Delo, according to the agreement on the creation of the variable part of the salary, Golob would otherwise receive approximately one and a half million euros in gross reward. In 2021, Golob’s fixed remuneration in Gen-I amounted to slightly less than 73,000 euros, and not 200,000, as reported by Delo, the Svoboda Movement warned. They added that this year he was also paid a prize for 2020 in the amount of a good 105,000 euros.

Source: Rtvslo

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