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El Salvador declares national animal health alert for bird flu



OIRSA has issued a regional alert on the risk of avian influenza invasion.  /DEM

OIRSA has issued a regional alert on the risk of avian influenza invasion. /DEM

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) yesterday declared an animal health alert for El Salvador due to bird flu, ruling out the presence of confirmed cases in the country.

“I am declaring an animal health alert status for avian flu at the national level to strengthen precautionary measures and reassure that we are not registering any cases of this disease in the country,” he emphasized in a tweet.

This action will be implemented by state agencies over the next six months.

The region has been on a bird flu alert since March 2022, when the Organization for International Agricultural and Health Regions (OIRSA) issued an alert for the detection of cases in Canada and the United States.

The detection of cases in Central America led El Salvador to declare a state of emergency due to rising cases, amid a new outbreak of the disease that killed more than 55,000 birds and more than 500 sea lions in Peru last February. Did. . in the region.

Panama, Guatemala, Honduras and Costa Rica have so far confirmed their first cases of bird flu.


International sources say Nicaragua is still free of bird flu, but media such as La Prensa have ordered a halt to imports of live animals or derivatives from Costa Delicious, in addition to monitoring poultry farms. indicates that the

In El Salvador, a prevention plan will be published and validated on farms. There are over 600 commercial farms operating in the country, of which 162 are for fattening and 398 are for posturing (eggs).


MAG has shown that it can detect purple crests and wattles, sneezing with mucus, swollen head, cough, reduced egg production, and sudden death as infectious symptoms of this disease. If in doubt, report to health authorities at 2202-0826.


El Salvador and Nicaragua have no confirmed cases of bird flu, although both countries have announced surveillance on poultry farms.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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