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Gender gap in the world of work is bigger than you think, according to ILO



Women face more difficulty accessing the world of work than previously thought, and the gap in wages and working conditions has changed little over the past two decades, the United Nations warned on Monday.

The International Labor Organization (ILO) said it had developed a new indicator to more accurately measure unemployment and detect all unemployed people looking for activity.

Two days after International Women’s Day, the UN agency said in a statement that this “reflects a more grim picture of the situation for women in the world of work than the more commonly used unemployment rate.” rice field.

“New data show that women have a much harder time finding jobs than men.

According to ILO data, 15% of working-age women globally want to have a job but do not have one, compared to 10.5% of men.

“This gender gap has remained virtually unchanged for 20 years,” the organization notes.

In contrast, the official unemployment rates for men and women are very similar.

According to the ILO, this is due to the fact that the criteria used to determine whether someone should be considered officially unemployed tend to exclude women too much.

Personal and family responsibilities, including unpaid care work, disproportionately affect women, according to the report.

This type of activity prevents women from working, actively seeking jobs, or finding jobs on the fly.

“Labor force inequality is particularly acute in developing countries, with 24.9% of women unable to find work in low-income countries,” the agency said.

Access to employment is not the only issue. The ILO noted that women tended to be overrepresented in some vulnerable jobs, such as helping with the family business.

“This vulnerability, combined with declining employment rates, is impacting women’s earnings,” the agency said.

The ILO concluded that “Globally, women earn only 51 cents for every dollar of labor income earned by men.”

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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