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Furs warns against tax evasion when opening companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina



Furs urges advertising space providers to help protect consumers

The Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia warns individuals not to fall for the advertised schemes of tax consultants, that opening companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina is about tax optimization. In some cases, it can be tax evasion and even a crime.

Advertisements can be seen in many places lately Snowman’s hand and the company Snežič davačni inženiring, and several such offers from tax consultants can be found online, the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia wrote and mentioned the websites of the Spin agency, companies Leron and Spinosa, doo, and accounting service Vizija Računovodstvo.

As Furs points out, companies established by Slovenian citizens outside of Slovenia are not controversial in themselves. “However, this only applies when such companies have the actual economic content to carry out their activities, i.e. they have adequate resources for carrying out their activities: business premises, equipment, employees and so on. It is essential that the company actually carries out its activity and that the services are really provided,” they added.

High risk of violation of tax regulations

If this is not the case, we are talking about aggressive tax planning, which can also lead to tax evasion. This often happens in cases of straw companies, i.e. empty companies that do not have substantial assets or activitiesthey have no employees or only one person is fictitiously employed, they do not have their own offices, but only have a mailbox (and sometimes not even that), their headquarters are registered at non-existent addresses or without the permission of the owner, or at a joint address,” they illustrated.

Slovenian companies that are considering using the services of the above-mentioned consultants and consequently opening a company outside of Slovenia must be aware, according to the warnings of the financial administration, that they cannot achieve tax effects without a simultaneous thorough change in the way they do business, otherwise they accept a high risk of tax violations. regulations.

If a violation is found, the tax authority imposes payment of the evaded tax, and the violator is also obliged to pay an additional seven percent interest. “If the signs of a misdemeanor are met, a misdemeanor sanction is imposed on the violator. In case of fulfillment of the signs of a criminal offense of tax evasion or forgery of documents according to the Criminal Code, criminal proceedings are also conducted before the competent authorities,” they warned.

International data exchange is getting better

At the same time, they emphasized that the efficiency of international data exchange is increasing every year, which reduces the chances that the tax authority would not have access to certain data.

The establishment of companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina is fundamentally no different from the establishment of companies in other countries, therefore the described tax schemes and the procedure of the tax authority also apply to cases of establishment of companies in other countries.

We suggest that you do not fall for the advertised schemes of tax advisers, and in case of uncertainty as to whether it is really a legitimate business, you can contact the financial administration with a question,” they also wrote, while at the same time calling on the providers of advertising space to help protect consumers and not participate in enabling the advertising of the described controversial practices and the resulting damage to the Slovenian budget.

Source: Rtvslo

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