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Biden Approves Oil Drilling Macro Project in Alaska



725th Brigade Support Battalion/Europa Press fuel truck.

725th Brigade Support Battalion/Europa Press fuel truck.

The Biden administration on Monday approved a controversial oil drilling plan in Alaska’s North Slope. There are oilfields with nearly 600 million barrels of oil, a project that has been heavily criticized by environmental activists.

Led by ConocoPhilips, the Willow project proposes the construction of three drilling platforms, a processing center facility, a pipeline to transport oil, a gravel road, at least one landing zone, and a mine.

To allay the concerns of groups he accuses of contributing to accelerating climate change, Biden also approved a series of protective measures in federal land and waters in Alaska, particularly critical habitat for brown bears and migratory birds.

The administration also declared the Arctic Ocean a “red line” for future oil and gas exploration. claim that it does not mitigate

The White House initially chose to approve the project with two drilling rigs, but after pressure from a bipartisan congressional delegation from Alaska (to back the initiative and create jobs in remote areas) ), and eventually became three.

According to the government’s own estimates, the project will likely face legal issues and cause a total of 9.2 million tons of carbon pollution. This equates to having 2 million of his cars on the road.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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