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Gasoline and diesel are more expensive outside the highways



Higher fuel prices

A liter of 95-octane gasoline will be more expensive by 1.5 cents and will cost 1.374 euros in the next 14-day period. A liter of diesel fuel will also be 1.5 cents more expensive at 1.504 euros. The price of a liter of heating oil will increase by 1.9 cents, to 1.097 euros.

These prices will be valid until March 27, the Ministry of Economy, Tourism and Sports announced.

Gasoline and diesel fuel prices at off-highway service stations are calculated on the basis of a methodology based on the movement of oil derivatives prices on the world market and the movement of the US dollar-euro exchange rate. Model prices are calculated on the basis of 14-day averages of the prices of mineral oil derivatives.

For a 50-liter tank of unleaded 95-octane gasoline, it will therefore be necessary to pay 68.70 euros at gas stations outside the highway intersection from Tuesday. If the price were not regulated and consumers were not exempted from paying environmental duties, taking into account all taxes and contributions applicable in the past, a liter of gasoline would cost around 1.471 euros, and 73.55 euros would be deducted for 50 liters. With a 50-liter tank, the consumer saves 4.85 euros, the ministry calculated.

For 50 liters of diesel fuel, you will now have to pay 75.20 euros at gas stations outside the highways. Without regulation and exempted payment of environmental duties, a liter would cost 1.612 euros, so for 50 liters the consumer would pay 80.60 euros. This means that the consumer saves 5.40 euros when pouring diesel fuel into a 50-liter tank.

The saving in the purchase of 1,000 liters of heating oil, for which 1,097 euros will have to be deducted from Tuesday, was calculated at the ministry in the amount of 154 euros.

The prices of motor fuels at gas stations along highways and expressways are set by the dealers themselves.

Source: Rtvslo

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