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As part of the takeover of OMV Slovenia, Mol is selling 39 service stations to Shell



The contract on the takeover of OMV Slovenia was signed in June 2021

As part of the announced takeover of OMV Slovenia, Mol Group announced the sale of 39 service stations to Shell.

The transaction includes service stations from both Mol’s network and OMV Slovenia’s network. Services at service stations will remain unchanged for customers, and workers will also keep their jobs, the group announced.

According to Mola, the conclusion of the purchase agreement, which still requires a takeover permit, represents one of the key milestones in to the process of obtaining the consent of the European Commission for the announced takeover of the company OMV Slovenija. “Group Mol with this step, it confirms its commitment to complying with all market competitiveness requirements set by the European Commission and expresses its willingness to in will complete the takeover of the 92.25% stake in the coming months in to the company OMV Slovenija,” they wrote down.

They are convinced that the takeover of OMV will strengthen competitiveness on the Slovenian market, as they will be able to in utilized the entire production, logistics and processing capacities of the group to a greater extent Mol in wider the region Central Europe.

Already in at the beginning of February, the news that it will Mol sold some of the 53 gas stations it has in Slovenia, which would satisfy the conditions for approval that the European Commission must give for Mol’s announced takeover of OMV Slovenia.

Mol is a contract for the purchase of a 92.25% stake in to OMV Slovenia, in which already has a 7.75% share, signed in June 2021. The agreed purchase price for the entire share amounts to 301 million euros, which would give the Hungarians access to a network of 120 gas stations, which is the second largest in the country. Mol while it has the third largest provider in Slovenia has 53 service stations. By far the largest provider is Petrol with 318 sales units.

The business is the European Commission in verification received 13 in May last year, in however, the preliminary investigation found that the transaction could significantly reduce competition in the retail fuel market in Slovenia.

According to unofficial information, the European Commission in in the process of assessing the concentration of Mola and OMV Slovenia divided the Slovenian oil market into the highway market and several local markets. If the entire market were taken into account, the planned takeover would have been approved, since Mol’s Slovenian subsidiary and OMV Slovenia do not have a dominant position in the entire market due to competition legislation. But they have it in some parts of Slovenia.

Source: Rtvslo

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