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The Vivicafe project will rehabilitate 600 coffee growers’ farms.



The initiative will benefit 1,100 producers through farm support and rehabilitation.  / DEM

The initiative will benefit 1,100 producers through farm support and rehabilitation. / DEM

At least 600 coffee growers will benefit from plantation renovations under the Italian Development Cooperation Agency-funded Vivicafé project, which began implementation last week.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) has announced the launch of the project “Vivicafé: Adding and Increasing the Value of Coffee in El Salvador”. The project is raising $5.1 million over two years in the Kakawatik and Alotepec coffee plantations. Metapan.

In a statement, MAG said 600 producers would benefit from the farm renovation and receive agricultural inputs such as coffee trees, as well as training and technical assistance. Selected coffee growers own half or one Manzana land.

“We have carried out a consultation process with growers to determine which coffee varieties will be used for the renovation of coffee plantations in the region,” said Oscar Guardado, Minister of Agriculture, and technicians from the Catholic Relief Service. with the following assurances: The CRS and MOCCA programs have conducted validations in the nurseries from which the seeds are obtained.

Guardado affirmed that the process of purchasing plants and agricultural materials and hiring technicians to oversee cultivation practices will begin in June.

In addition to renovating the coffee park, Vivicafe also supports producers organized in cooperatives to donate equipment for drying and roasting coffee. MAG has launched its first workshop in Alotepec Metapan Mountains to identify beneficiaries.


Coffee growers in the Alotepec-Metapan Mountains produce 3% of El Salvadoran coffee, while Kakawatik (Morazan) produces 4%.

According to the Salvadoran Coffee Council (CSC), Alotepec Metapan produced 27,661 quintals in the 2022-2023 harvest (uncut). At Kakawatik, 32,271 quintals were harvested.

The Italian ambassador to El Salvador, Edoardo Pucci, reiterated the Italian government’s commitment to improving productivity in the coffee sector through “more technological agriculture”.

Italy is the fifth buyer of the gold grain, according to CSC. Of the 2022-2023 harvest, 13,109 quintals will be sent to European countries, worth just over $2.59 million. The median price was $197.7.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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