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Will we get a new Adria? It would cost more than 100 million and create a loss, according to the study



A study by Grant Thornton

After only two carriers, a Luxembourg and a Montenegrin carrier, applied for the tender for Slovenia’s air connectivity, there are now more and more indications that the country will now re-establish an air carrier after the collapse of Adria.

The study, with which the government has also become familiar, unofficially shows that the establishment of the new Adria would cost Slovenia at least one hundred million euros and would create a loss at the beginning. The decision will ultimately be political, and the permission of the European Commission will also be required.

He is also a co-author of the study, which was done by the company Grant Thornton for 35 thousand euros Jože P. Damijanunofficially reveals that the economy would lose a quarter of a billion, tourism 150 million, the approximate price would be one hundred million euros, the Government will decide shortly, but the establishment will not be immediate.

All these figures will also be the basis for decision-making by the government, the Minister of Infrastructure said on Monday Alenka Bratušek.

Here we are certainly talking about at least a year or a year and a half since the decision, says the Minister of Economy Matjaž Han.

Former chairman of the board of directors of Adria Max Secretary he is not in favor of the idea, because we already had all this: “One of the best solutions, which unfortunately was not implemented in 2011, is to connect the airport and Adria. At that time, I was looking at the data, how much the airport made a plus, how much Adria made a minus. If you put that together, you would have a business that would work, and many businesses around the world do.”

The new company would also not be able to bring several thousand passengers at once, as many as congress tourism can offer. “We would not solve this problem, how to fill the hotel capacity, how to organize congresses with thousands of participants and bring them to Ljubljana at the same time in one or two days,” explained Gregor Jamnik, director of Hotel slon.

If you want to establish such a company now, you need a relatively large amount of capital, which will not bring profit and where losses will have to be covered,” adds the Secretary

The state gave Adria more than fifty million in aid before its collapse, and the new company will also need money, and a green light in Brussels before its establishment.

Source: Rtvslo

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