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Carmen Elena Torres Aparicio, Master of Business Administration. I am currently in the final cycle of my Master's Degree in Security and Computer Risk Management.

Carmen Elena Torres Aparicio, Master of Business Administration. I am currently in the final cycle of my Master’s Degree in Security and Computer Risk Management.

Today, the computer factor is implicit in all economic aspects of different areas of modern life. As evidence of this, the obvious movements in the stock market, especially in the ranking of the top three companies by market capitalization on March 17, 2017, saw Alphanet topping the list at $1,319.8, third behind Microsoft at $2,080.9. I understand this. His $2,455,660,000 for Apple is not something to be lauded as it is data proportional to the number of users or customers in the world.

Who would have thought that the invention of the calculator by the French scientist Blas Pascal would take the first step towards a science that transcends all areas of human life? British mathematician Charles Bagage, in the first half of the 20th century, took him a century to develop the foundations of modern programming with machines capable of performing computations through analysis. With the outbreak of World War II came the first computer, the “Univac”. In just 72 years since that event, humanity has experienced unprecedented exponential growth and is set to undergo a new revolution with enormous evolutionary potential. Digital offers us more than just mass communication, entertainment, simultaneity, and constant connectivity, with glimpses of an increasingly promising future. This age is considered the best age in which mankind should live. Because in this age, in the face of too many developments and too much information, opportunities are limited by imagination, creativity, passion to change what is known, and a great desire to create or to create. because it is full of change things.

The main feature of this industry is that it has no borders. All you have to do is connect your computer to the Internet. Use this medium and the availability of it to connect to the universe of unimaginable opportunities that we are all called upon. Supporting educational institutions striving to innovate and provide the best academic tools for individual and collective challenges.

“The time is today and the place is El Salvador.”
Join us in this third revolution. There are two key factors at this point. The first is approval of the recently approved Innovation and Technology Acceleration Act. This is a direct call to engagement, and second is the people leading the way. Venture into successful development in the fields of programming, app development, web design, video game creation, blockchain, data mining, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence.

“When you have a lot of opportunities, you tend to have zero leisure time.”
You’re the only one who isn’t here. Will you come?

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