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Over 31,000 Salvadorans earn income through Uber



Uber driver partners are able to set their own work schedules, are independent and contract agnostic.  / Provided by:

Uber driver partners are able to set their own work schedules, are independent and contract agnostic. / Provided by:

In the six years the US company has operated in El Salvador, over 31,000 Salvadorans have earned income as partner drivers for the Uber application.

Founded in San Francisco, California in 2010, Uber entered the El Salvadoran market in May 2017, covering the San Salvador metropolitan area, and eventually expanded its service to Santa Ana and San Miguel.

Carolina Coto, Uber communications manager for Central America and the Caribbean, confirmed that in the last six years of operations in El Salvador, 31,000 members have traveled and 871,000 users have used the app to get around.

Cotto said Uber aims to be a “super-platform” where people can find mobilization alternatives and the products they need at the “push of a button.”

Santa Ana and San Miguel saw the highest growth in travel orders, up 400% over the past two years. Meanwhile, the company’s delivery arm, Uber Eats, brings together 740 partners across restaurants, convenience stores, pharmacies and florists.

Start Uber Moto.

The company has confirmed the operation of its Uber Moto service, an option that allows users to take shorter, cheaper trips. “This modality offers a new alternative to save money and time on short trips, avoid city congestion, and improve traffic and safety for users,” Coto said.

The application’s portfolio of services includes Uber Reserve, which allows users to manage their trips up to 30 days in advance. We also added Uber Flash and Flash Moto for sending and receiving articles.

Company executives recalled that the application enabled 30 security features on the company’s operating interface in El Salvador, including 911 buttons, RideCheck, anonymous calling and ridesharing.

In a statement, the company assured that it has also introduced Uber Planet and Uber SUV as alternatives to reach its goal of having “green” vehicles by 2040.

Uber Planet allows users to donate an additional amount that is used to purchase carbon credits that offset the pollutant emissions generated during travel due to the use of fossil fuels.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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