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Beverage Industry Association for a 20 cent bond



The association presented the results of the study

According to the results of the study, Slovenia needs a deposit system for beverage packaging if it wants to meet the goals in the area of ​​separate collection and recycling of packaging, reports the Association of the Beverage Industry at the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia.

As shown by a study that Beverage Industry Association done by a Norwegian expert Ole Lund Haugenin Slovenia there is a risk of not achieving the national and European goals for the years 2025 and 2029 in the field of separate collection of PET packaging and recycling.

“The study concludes that we need a deposit system in Slovenia to meet the goals for 2025 and 2029 and to ensure sufficient quantities of recycled material for a circular economy. It suggests that the Slovenian deposit system is a separate collection scheme to achieve the goals of Slovenia and the EU, which would ensure sufficient the amount of recycled material to meet current and future targets,” were written in the association, which operates within the framework of the Chamber of Agricultural and Food Companies at the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia (GZS).

One system for the whole country

According to the results of the study, the participation of the beverage manufacturers is mandatory, as is the acceptance by the points of sale. “He especially emphasizes that Slovenia needs one national system, which is led on a non-profit basis by a so-called administrator. This would be in charge of the entire organization of the system’s operation and management, and it would be led by the responsible sector, i.e. the beverage production sector,” they wrote down.

The establishment of the deposit system for SUP packaging is a supplement or upgrade of the deposit system for refillable packaging. “It is important that the deposit system is a transparent system that requires more time for its establishment, at least 18 months from the granting of the license to the company administrator,” they pointed out.

Consumers believe the deposit should be fully refunded and displayed separately from the retail price of the drink.

Deposit of 20 cents excluding tax

According to the association’s proposal, the deposit system would cover PET bottles and cans in the categories of soft drinks, bottled water, juices and nectars, beer and beer- or wine-based mixtures. It would include packaging from one deciliter to three liters. They propose a deposit in the amount of 0.20 euros, for which no value added tax would be charged.

At the same time, the association proposes the creation of one central collection and sorting center in the central part of Slovenia and two local centers for the Prekmurje and Littoral parts of Slovenia. “However, it will also be necessary to carry out a study of the mapping of stores and volumes sold or takeover quantities,” they stated.

Minister: The bail system is adequate

The Minister of Environment, Climate and Energy also attended the presentation of the study’s findings Bojan Kumer. As he said, the ministry assesses the deposit system as an appropriate measure to achieve goals in the field of beverage packaging. “In addition, it reduces the amount of waste in the environment, conserves resources, promotes a circular economy and also prevents plastic pollution, which is a major global concern,” he said.

Source: Rtvslo

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