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Outside contractors who offer cleaning often violate agreements regarding wages, vacation and rest



Minister of Labor Luka Mesec assures that external contractors are supervised by the Labor Inspectorate

In recent years, external contractors, or outsourcing, have been gaining ground in the cleaning industry, which has received accusations of exploitation of workers. The field is monitored by the labor inspectorate, which, among other things, identifies violations related to the payment of holiday pay and wages.

Parliamentarians of Freedom Matthew Calusic, Robert Janev and Tamara Kozlovic are the Minister of work, family, social affairs and the same options Port of Mesca in a written parliamentary question, reminded that in the last period the media space was also marked by calls from the Trade Union of Hospitality and Tourism of Slovenia to immediately stop the redeployment of maids from state tourism companies to external contractors.

At the same time, they were interested in how many inspections there were in the last five years in connection with outsourcing cleaning services.

In a written reply, Mesek explained to them that the area is also monitored by the RS Inspectorate for work. In practice, cleaning workers are also provided by taxpayers who are not registered for the cleaning activity, so comprehensive statistics of violations are not available.

However, according to him, since January 1, 2018, 551 inspections in the field of labor relations and 273 inspection inspections in the field of health and safety at work have been carried out for taxpayers who perform cleaning activities.

In the field of labor relations, the most frequent violations were connected with the payment of holiday pay, payment of wages; with working hours and mandatory rest and with record keeping. Violations of illegal recruitment of labor without registration and employment of foreigners without appropriate information sheets also stood out, he said.

He added that this year the inspectorate is also dealing with cases where legal or natural persons, who are not entered in the register, forward workers to users through fictitious subcontracting contracts on business cooperation.

The minister reiterated that preparatory activities for the strategy to eliminate precariousness, to which the government also committed in the coalition agreement, are already underway, more active work at the document “however, it will take place after the completion of the current priority legislative procedures in the field of labor relations, which partially address certain aspects of precariousness“. At the same time, he mentioned the recently adopted amendment to the Act on Records in the Field of Labor and Social Security and the planned amendment to the Act on Labor Relations, which has been the subject of negotiations between the social partners since winter.

It is worth emphasizing that addressing the area in question is one of the priority tasks of the ministry, and the timeline itself is also connected to the cooperation of all other participating stakeholders in this area and other priority matters, and it is very difficult to predict precisely at the moment, as it is influenced by many factors,” he concluded.

Source: Rtvslo

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