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China’s first domestically produced passenger plane completed its christening flight



More than 130 passengers received red airline tickets and were treated to a sumptuous meal

China produced the first domestically produced passenger plane. Although it is trying to reduce its dependence on foreign technology, the engines and electronics of the C919, which made the first commercial flight between Shanghai and Beijing, are still from abroad.

For decades, China has struggled to compete with Western rivals in aviation. The Chinese commercial aviation company (Comac), hoping to break the dominance of Airbus and Boeing aircraft, embarked on its project, which the Chinese president Xi Jinping described as one of China’s most innovative achievements.

It created the first domestically produced passenger plane. Despite the country’s efforts to reduce its reliance on foreign technology amid deteriorating relations with the West, the 164-seater still relies heavily on Western components, including engines and avionics, the BBC reports.

The C919 has finally passed its baptism of fire and made its first commercial flight – taking to the skies in Shanghai and flying to the capital, Beijing. More than 130 passengers, chosen by lottery, received red airline tickets and were treated to a sumptuous meal on the large plane. They arrived in Beijing in less than three hours.

Comac, which plans to produce 150 aircraft a year within five years, is said to have already secured more than 1,200 orders for the C919. State-owned China Eastern Airline has ordered five planes.

Source: Rtvslo

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