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Entrepreneurs seek flexible schedules and improved transportation in the face of traffic jams



A good collective transportation service would be an option to facilitate the flow of traffic in El Salvador.  /DEM

A good collective transportation service would be an option to facilitate the flow of traffic in El Salvador. /DEM

Every day, thousands of Salvadorans commute from the interior to work in the San Salvador metropolitan area (AMSS). For some residents of municipalities such as Guazapa, it takes less than 45 minutes, but traffic collapses during peak hours double the waiting time.

The Chamber of Commerce of El Salvador (Camarazal) recognizes that traffic is an issue involving large cities around the world, but appreciates the application of flexible schedules and improved mass transport to improve the situation in this country. I assure you it can be resolved.

Ricardo Ayala, an adviser to the union’s transport and logistics committee, said mass transport was “not an option” for people who already own cars, so the increase in traffic was related to increased vehicle loading. I affirmed.

El Salvador’s car fleet increased from 1.5 million in May 2022 to 1.6 million in the same month of 2023, an 8.2% increase in just one year, according to data from the National Traffic Safety Monitoring Service.

Traffic is generated by more cars in this country. The Observatory confirms that as of May 2023, 68.7% of his vehicle load will consist of vehicles, with 31.26% equivalent to two-wheeled vehicles.

Added to this is the fact that 12 out of 14 sectors have issued labor issues, according to the Chamber of Commerce, thus concentrating the workforce in only two sectors.

“There are only two states that are attractive to the population to work in: La Libertà, which controls 10% to 12% of the mobilized population, and San Salvador, which controls 88% to 90%,” Ayala said. bottom.

Impact on productivity.

The adviser stressed that traffic jams cause worker fatigue and “significant absenteeism”.

Ayala stressed the importance of establishing flexible hours that allow citizens to choose the hours that best suit their work and comply with the legal working hours (8 hours per day).

“The intention is for the father of a family who takes his child to school, he has a work schedule, his wife has another schedule, and the child in the education center has another schedule. Yes, and the family will coordinate in the best possible way, “as much as possible,” he said.

At the same time, improved public transport will create order and make traffic more fluid. Ayala recommended arranging routes so that larger buses cover longer distances and smaller buses cover shorter distances.

Introducing school transportation could be another solution to reduce vehicle load and make traffic more fluid in the San Salvador metropolitan area.

The union spokesperson also recommended the government to create development pillars in the western and eastern parts of the country to boost employment and improve the quality of life of the people.

“In order to encourage vehicle mobilization in transport in general and public transport in general, we need to take steps to reduce population growth,” he said.

Ayala said revitalized transport would not only result in lower gasoline and diesel consumption, but also less fatigue in the workforce, cut up to $40 million in transport subsidies, and provide public health services. It pointed out. Reduce road traffic injuries and improve workers’ mental health.

vehicle traffic

Vehicle payload increased 8% last year, according to Observatory data.

1.- Adding Units

The collapse of vehicular traffic is associated with an increase in circulating units, coupled with the fact that collective transport is not an option.

2.- Concentration

Transportation issues become even more apparent once you enter AMSS, as AMSS receives the majority of the mobilized workforce.

3.- Impact

According to Kamarasal, traffic causes physical and mental fatigue, a factor that ultimately affects people at work.

4.- Suggestion

A better transportation system could improve vehicle carrying capacity and potentially coordinate long and short bus routes.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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