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First certified data center to go live in November



In November 2021, the first stones of the project were laid, led by Codisa and Aristos.  / Provided by:

In November 2021, the first stones of the project were laid, led by Codisa and Aristos. / Provided by:

El Salvador’s first Tier III certified data center will be operational in November 2023 with a $30 million investment by Costa Rica’s Grupo Codisa and El Salvador’s Aristos Inmobileria.

Christened as DataTrust, construction officially began in November 2021, but its beginnings date back to 2019 when a feasibility study began. The complex is located within the Altius Tech Park, a technology industrial zone owned by Aristos in Ciudad Arce, La Libertad.

DataTrust General Manager René Ramos explained that the technology complex is 55% more advanced. This first phase required him to invest $22 million, the rest of his $8 million will be spent in later expansions.

DataTrust will be the second largest data center in Central America and the first in the territory of El Salvador to achieve Tier III honors, one of the highest certifications for these technology complexes. equipment change.

These complexes are considered “technology hubs”, with large amounts of data from various organizations stored on their servers. The first stage will have 68 cabinets (spaces for servers) and will have a capacity of 322. “Right now, this level of infrastructure, security and technology does not exist in this country,” Ramos said.

Why Data Center? I think there is a growing demand and need for technology (…) We also have a real need as we don’t have a certified data center and that gives us an advantage. I’m here. ‘ he pointed out.

Democratize technology.

Ramos emphasized that the DataTrust service portfolio adapts to the needs and requirements of each organization, whether in the private or public sector. “We are aiming for democratization,” he stressed.

Since the cost of owning a data center for a company can run into millions of dollars, the executive thought using a third-party service would make it easier to store information.

Tenants include a fast food company and are in talks with phone companies and tech companies.

Aristos Immobilia CEO Edwin Escobar said, “We meet a set of specific requirements, comply with regulations, and seek a balance between business and sustainability while building first-class buildings. are building,” he added.

The complex will employ 50 to 60 professionals, with salaries in excess of $1,000, he stressed as an opportunity for the Salvadoran conglomerate.

What is a data center?

1.- Center

This is an installation that houses the servers and data of one or more companies. They consist of large servers that are temperature and security guaranteed.

2.- Authentication

Tier III certification guarantees 99.9% uptime of the center. Also look for LEED certification as a sustainable building.

3.- Tenants

Clients include enterprises large and small as well as public sector institutions requiring data storage.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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