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The road to normal conditions in flooded companies is still long. Last day for reimbursement of wages.



They are still dealing with the aftermath of the devastation

Employers who, after the floods at the beginning of August, ordered their employees to do other work, such as cleaning production premises, can only submit applications for the reimbursement of wages paid to these workers today. The payment will be reimbursed up to the amount of the average salary.

Reimbursement of wages paid to workers who eliminate the consequences of floods and landslides at the employer is one of the measures to help eliminate the consequences of floods and landslides, which is stipulated by the intervention law adopted on August 31.

Employers can claim reimbursement of paid wages for the period from August 3 to September 3 this year. Here, it is important that the employees were ordered to perform other work in writing. They had to do this no later than five days after the law came into force, i.e. by September 7.

The written order is one of the pieces of evidence that employers must attach to an application for reimbursement of wages paid to employees. They must submit the application electronically via the portal for employers at the employment office.

The wages paid to these employees will be reimbursed in full, but the law stipulates that the maximum amount of the average wage in Slovenia for May 2023.

 Photo: BoBo/Borut Živulović

In some places, production is still at a standstill, mostly in partial operation

In areas affected by water damage, the consequences for many companies are catastrophic. Equipment and premises are destroyed or severely damaged, the work process has completely or partially stopped. A few companies have at least partially restored parts of production, but there is still a long way to normal conditions.

V BSH Nazarje with more than 1,800 employees, it will take until the end of the year to return to the same level of production as before the floods, the director told Radio Slovenia Boštjan Gorjup. They did not submit an application for compensation. Their case is specific – they have full flood insurance. However, they accepted a measure of reimbursement of wages from the state for waiting for work at home.

V to KLS with Ljubnego ob Savinja production is still at a standstill, a large part of the European car industry has faltered. They reported 98 million euros in damage, of which the state will probably reimburse them 60 percent. “We desperately need funds to start production“, the executive director explained to Radio Slovenija Only Mirnik. They do not enforce the measure of reimbursement of wages for waiting, since all employees participate in eliminating the consequences of the floods.

Kolding Prevalje, a very niche company in metallurgical production, after extraordinary efforts, after one month of capture, production started up to 80 percent capacity. The damage to the machines is measured in millions, the director emphasized for Radio Slovenia Viljem Pečnik and added to their key decision, “does it make sense to repair a machine that was worth 300,000 euros on the market now with an estimate of 400,000 euros or to invest in a new one that costs around a million euros.” He praises the state’s actions so far, but calls for the payment of damages as soon as possible.

Family company CI Produkt from Komenda, a maker of wooden buildings and skeleton houses, still only works with battery tools, the machines are still unusable, owner Vilma Cibašek told Radio SLovenija that she is otherwise satisfied with the state’s promises.

All of them urge the state to take anti-flood measures seriously. The relocation of factories will also leave jobs.

Source: Rtvslo

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