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It will be possible to hire foreign masons, installers, repairmen and other workers more quickly for rehabilitation



Foreigners will be able to start working even before they receive a unified residence and work permit

On Saturday, the decree of the Ministry of Labor on professions and activities, in which faster employment of foreigners is enabled for the purpose of rehabilitation after the August accidents, came into force. Occupations include heavy truck drivers, bricklayers, carpenters, various fitters.

In the list of professions for which employers can employ emergency workers based on the order of the Ministry of Labor, in addition to drivers of heavy trucks and tractors, masons, carpenters, there are installers and servicemen of water and gas installations and devices, welders, toolmakers, electrical installers, electromechanics, laborers for simple work in high- and low-rise buildings, builders (finishing works), concreters.

The list also includes mechanics and repairers of agricultural, industrial and other machines, drywall construction contractors and plasterers, operators of earthmoving machines, preparers and installers of metal structures, painters, floor installers, roofers, insulators, installers and repairers of air conditioning and refrigeration devices, operators of cranes, elevators and operators of machines for the production of cement, mineral and other stone products.

Based on the intervention law, foreigners can also be employed as workers for simple forestry work, foresters, tinsmiths, operators of mobile agricultural and forestry machinery, installers and cable installers, ceramicists, electrical network installers, technicians for construction, geodesy, cleaners, servers and domestic helpers etc. in offices, hotels and other institutions, cooks, hand washers and ironers of clothes, textiles and kitchen assistants. There are also jobs available in occupations for health and social care at home.

In these professions, which are in short supply on the labor market and are necessary to eliminate the consequences of floods and landslides, it will be possible for foreign workers, citizens of third countries, who do not need a visa to enter and stay in Slovenia to start working more quickly.

Priority issuance of permits and no waiting for administrative units

In accordance with the law, the Employment Office will have to prioritize the issuance of work permits and consents to uniform employment and work permits for foreign workers, and will have to complete the procedures within 10 days at the latest. It will not be necessary to control the labor market (determining the condition that there is no suitable person in the unemployment register). Foreigners will thus be able to start work even before the administrative unit issues them a single residence and work permit. The deadline for this is three months.

The decree on the determination of professions and activities also states the possibility that foreign employers may carry out remedial works with their seconded workers for clients in Slovenia. In accordance with the intervention law, it will be possible to start providing such services more quickly.

The ministry also announces careful monitoring of the measure

The Ministry of Labor explained a few days ago that they expect the most applications from the countries of the former Yugoslavia. They also expect labor from Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, and to a lesser extent.

“It is difficult to talk about the number, but even now the employment office receives between 4,000 and 5,000 applications per month for the issuance of consents or permits under bilateral agreements on employment. Many such applications will now be tried to be submitted on the basis of the intervention law, which enables significantly faster start of work , which will be possible already on the basis of the issued consent or permit of the Institute without waiting for the decision of the administrative unit to issue a single permit.” they delivered.

The measure is particularly welcomed by employers, but on the other hand, there are also fears that companies will abuse it. Minister Port Moon he therefore announced careful monitoring. Otherwise, the Labor Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia may issue a fine of 30,000 euros for abuse of this measure.

The Law on Intervention Measures to Eliminate the Consequences of Floods and Landslides, which is the basis for the order, is the second post-flood intervention law. It entered into force on September 2. The government is now preparing a system law for reconstruction.

Source: Rtvslo

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