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The judge of the Supreme Court, who voted in favor of Nicolas Lopez’s freedom, is a relative of Paz Bascuñan.



Despite his relationship with the actress, the judge has no conflict of interest in participating in the case.

On June 1, the Supreme Court, in a split ruling, ordered: Chilean filmmaker Nicolas Lopez was released soon After accepting Amparo’s complaint in support of Lopez.

It was only a few days after the booing case that a user on a social network pointed to a Supreme Court judge to ensure he was Pasbaskunyan’s uncle. Be part of the actress who supported Lopez throughout the process.

This situation has been confirmed by the site Fast check, The person who published about it.Confirmed facts BiobioChile ..

Specifically, Minister Jorge Darm Oiartzun is mentioned. Supported the freedom of filmmakers .. Therefore, only Manuel Antonio Valderrama voted against it.

Relationship between Supreme Court Judge and Paz Bascuñan

Jorge Dahm Oyarzún is the son of Jorge Dahm Fernández and Marta Oyarzún Ivanovich. Oiartzun Ivanovich is the aunt of the actress’s mother, Mariana Eilwin Oiartzun, so it is through his mother that he has a relationship with Basque Nyan.

A) Yes, Dahm Oyarzún is a cousin of the former Minister of Education .. Baskunyan is now the judge’s second cousin.

BiobioChile He referred to a call from the Supreme Court confirming the relationship between Jorge Dam and the Baskunyan family.

Nevertheless, Excluded the existence of conflicts of interest For an interpreter Single and others Just once Participated in the trial as a witness Without becoming part of the case.

According to the Organic Code of Courts, the causes of implications in the case relate to personal interests, as well as relatives, characterized by relationships such as being a spouse or a civil partner. One of the parties to the proceedings, or its statutory agent.

In criminal cases, the implications can also be found if the court minister previously participated in the case as a prosecutor or counsel.

According to the judiciary, code In its articles 195 and 196, “There was no reason to let Dam leave the room.”

What happened to Nicolas Lopez?

Nicolas Lopez after a six-week trial He was convicted of two cases of sexual abuse ..Therefore, Lopez was sentenced to: 5 years in prison ..

Four days after reading the sentence, the filmmaker began to be subject to preventive detention in the health area of ​​Santiago 1 Prison, but he was removed from prison at the request of defense.And in early June His release was ordered.

In order for imprisonment to be executed The revocation action filed by his defense must be dealt with. In the meantime, those convicted will be free, despite the request of the public prosecutor’s office. The public prosecutor’s office guarantees that the director has the power and money to escape.

Source: Biobiochile

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