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Did you see them? Use the code hidden in the episode “Ms. Marvel” to download a free manga



In every episode of Ms Marvel You can see the hidden QR code in a random scene and take you to a free-to-read character cartoon.This strategy is already Moon knight..

Of the new series Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) English acronym) Ms MarvelDisney + Streaming has already aired two episodes.

starring Kamala Khan / Iman Verani Marvel as Mizu Tells the story of a young American woman from a Pakistani and Islamic family who is a big fan of Captain Marvel … and discovers that she has supernatural powers.

A little while ago Ms MarvelWeekly broadcast Moon knightStarring Oscar Isaac in the role of the main character.

And both works have something in common. In every episode, QR code hidden in a random scene ,You Can Download free comics Of the character.

Read Marvel’s manga for free

Mizumarvel Episode 1 New generationContains the QR code Minutes 10:16 Will take you to the manga Number 1 A story dedicated to a teenage heroine.

You can load it directly from the screen, but you don’t have to do the following: Enter here You can read it in English for free.

QR code for episode 1 of Ms. Marvel
QR code for episode 1 of Ms. Marvel

Meanwhile, episode 2 Fate, Ms. Offering Marvel Comics No. 15, the QR code will be hidden at 03:18.beam click here You can read it in English for free.

QR code for episode 2 of Ms. Marvel
QR code for episode 2 of Ms. Marvel

And if you want Read free comics Moon knight Seemed hidden in his episode, you can enter here..

QR code of Moon Knight
QR code of Moon Knight

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