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“It hurts, there’s no room for these boys”: Gente de Zona criticizes the Chilean music industry



The duo, composed of Alexander Delgado and Randy Malcolm, talks about how they have perceived the Chilean music industry through The Voice participants and criticizes the artists for several opportunities and “spaces”. Did.

In an exclusive interview with Page 7 Urban Music Duo, People in the zone ,Slipped Criticism of the Chilean music industry At the same time, they talked about the tastes of Chilean artists Anglo.

In conversation with the media Alexander Delgado and Randy Malcolm Duo members talked about His perception of the Chilean music industry is through his work as his role with various domestic artists. coach On the voice ..

upon Popularization of music in English Delgado said: “Being a Spanish-speaking country, I was surprised that most of the athletes participated in the English song. It’s unusual because I was also surprised that it was called. voice Not the voice Said.

In contrast, he guaranteed it Encourage team members to listen to national music And then, “they begin to love international artists.”

On his side, Randy Malcolm explained: “At Blind Audition, almost 100 of the 200 people who appeared sang in English. That’s great because we’re in Chile and Hispanic music dominates the world.” Talked about the musical tastes of the artist who was looking for a place in the program.

Criticism of the Chilean music industry

In support of the participants, Randy said: “Many of these kids have seen them singing on the subway or bus because they don’t have a place to display music.” ..

“It hurt us […] In a beautiful developed country like Chile, it’s sad that the music industry doesn’t have the space for these people. ” Alexander is complete.

They both agreed that this was possible The opportunity for national artists to migrate from the country due to the disappointment caused by the lack of opportunity Flat “We have a country where they can be given the opportunity to succeed.” ..

Currently, the duo works as follows: coach In the song program voiceThis is in combat.

Source: Biobiochile

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