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El Marginal, a new and overwhelmingly successful Argentinean series on Netflix



Created by director and screenwriter Sebastian Ortega in 2016 and premiered in May last year for the fifth and final season, the Argentine series “El Marginal” is two works after being incorporated into the streaming platform “La Casa de Papel”. Reminds me a little. Its international reach has been exceptionally expanded.

Argentine fiction, which tells the story of the comings and goings of dangerous prison inmates, quickly became a national success by broadcasting the first season on public television. With this, Netflix will be interested in it and will participate in the development of 4 out of 5 seasons. In it it became an international phenomenon.

“Audiences are curious to explore a world different to them, but they know it exists, listen and know,” said Pablo Culell, general producer of the series. I will explain to Efe. He adds that there is a palette of characters in this universe that “border crime in a particular way” but seek change and “empathize with the audience.”

The prison itself is another character that “reflects the countries of Argentina and Latin America.” And for this reason, in countries that do not have this type of prison, there is an exotic “Europeanized” view of what a Latin prison is.

The rationale for this is given in the code, corruption, and the question of who should be inside and who should be outside, but he assures that “it is neither a testimony from prison nor a documentary.”

Bet on the first part

“El Marginal” is a series with a specific structure. It’s not common for Prequel to occupy the entire fiction season, but it’s more common in later-developed spin-offs and parallel series.

This series is for Culell, the “example of many things” for the Argentine audiovisual media. ..

Originally intended as a one-season miniseries for public television. But its nationwide influence and subsequent sales to Netflix “forced a second season.”

In the first part of the collaboration between public television and Netflix, its success was “10x better”, surpassing the audience’s main channels.

It sounds strange that platforms like Netflix let go of the series that brought many benefits in an era when the story seems endless.

“There is a story that there are cycles that have been achieved and that it is better to leave, and that the public misses them, runs out of them because of their success, and eventually turns their backs on them and gets tired,” Culell explains. To do.

“We succeed in towing and people like to leave feeling it’s often said,” he adds.

However, the producer guarantees that “the future is the future (…), and at some point there will probably be an” El Marginal “or something similar.”

In fact, in 2018, a replica of the Mexican cast, El Recluso, was unveiled for the first time.

Streaming and social network effects

In Spain, the last two seasons have been the most watched on the platform. In this country, producers emphasize that “generally” Argentinean works are working well. The reverse is also true.

In other parts of Latin America, success was widespread, and for weeks, “El Marginal” was ranked in the top 10 of Netflix’s non-English-speaking series.

“The fourth season was watched about 30 million times in non-English speaking countries within 10 days,” said the producer, who still ranks in the top ten in Argentina, Uruguay, etc. in the final season, a month after the premiere. It was in. Country.

“Being able to cross your border is a dream of any audiovisual creative,” he says.

The streaming platform not only acts as a showcase, but also allows you to track your views more thoroughly.

Previously, a successful series had to sell its format abroad by selling the original series or the production book itself and adapting it to actors from other countries. If you use a streaming platform instead, the impact will be “much more direct”.

With the end of the El Marginal stage, Culell says Telemundo Streaming Studios is working on two major projects that will soon be released on Netflix. Jesús Castro) and several Argentine actors; an adaptation of “The Secret of Elklan” starring actor Fernando Colunga in a Mexican cast about the Puccio family, an Argentine family dedicated to kidnapping for ransom. El Secret de la Familia Greco “. ef

Source: Biobiochile

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