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“Go to Hell!”: Carmen Gloria Arroyo launches herself against those who do not pay their dependents



Carmen Gloria Arroyo attacked the so-called Heart Daddy and dedicated a direct phrase to men who did not pay child support.

Participating in the program We can talk The lawyer was consulted by Jean-Philippe Creton on how to solve the problem. To explain the seriousness of the situation, the space driver pointed out that 85% of his parents did not pay the above pensions in our country.

“There are some (countermeasures),” Arroyo started by pointing out.

“I think it’s a recent government concern. There are bills being promoted, such as a bill that goes into effect as a debtor registration in December. But now, new ones are coming out. ” He added.

“I’m very sorry, but I don’t think there’s enough work to do, because they’re heartfelt, heartfelt, stop being dads and take care of their children,” he added.

Next, the judge emphasized that “there is a lack of means to balance the scale” when there is a lack of affection and empathy.

Carmen Gloria, meanwhile, lamented the existence of a man who “lives a high life by having a son without travel, bank loans to buy things, and dependents.”

In this regard, the communicator has shown that everything that is done is summed up and therefore the north should not be lost. “It’s for the well-being of our children”, I raised it.

Finally, Creton asked him to give a phrase to those known as Heart Daddy, after which Arroyo launched: “Go to hell!”

Source: Biobiochile

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