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Christel has announced that she will get married: “I’m the creature I once dreamed of.”



Christell will marry his partner Roberto Parra, who has been in a relationship since 2019.

Christel A singer I met at the age of five, imitating Maria Jose Quintanilla, announced that she would get married.

“I said yes,” the 24-year-old artist posted on Instagram, telling fans the news.

“This year God surprised me so much! I am the creature I once dreamed of. A new adventure begins with the man I love. ” clearly.

“For the last few years God has blessed me in his company. I’m looking forward to what’s coming โค๏ธ I love you! I’m coming,” he concludes.

Greetings to Christel about her marriage

Christel gets married Robert Para He has been building relationships since 2019 and tried to be unobtrusive.

As expected, the couple received hundreds of congratulations not only from their fans, but also from Rojo’s ex-partner, who is the anti-fame of various television faces and fame.

“Congratulations, precious !!!! You deserve all the good โ™ฅ ๏ธ Have a lot of fun,” writes Daniela Castillo. Antonia Larraรญn added:

Christel, from small stars to body defenders

Recall that he became famous in 2003 after participating in a contest that Christel imitated. Maria Jose Quintanilla Made from one of Talcahuano’s Red Gala.

There she arrived dressed as Rankerita, touching the entire audience and dazzling with her powerful voice.

Since then, he became a phenomenon when he was only five years old, recording an album, turning his song “Mueve el ombligo” into a hit, remembered to this day and used as a trend on Tik Tok.

The girl withdrew from television and focused on her research after her parents forced her to work and suffered a deadlock accused of benefiting from her expenses.

A few years ago, she returned to influencer and tictocar, where she claimed acceptance of the body and criticized bullying.

Source: Biobiochile

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