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“He’s a psychopath”: Ivan Núñez’s ex-wife doing a tail spin against Rafael Galai after serving his sentence



Marlene de la Fuente shared her defenses with Meganoticius after Garai was released from conviction. He also revealed the amount Garai paid him after his fraud.

Marlene de la Fente, the ex-wife of Ivan Núñez, was managed by an economist to defend against Rafael Galai. End his decision inherited in 2018 The fraud of about 1.3 billion pesos was repeated for 29 people.

Gary, what He was originally sentenced to seven years in prison Benefited from parole in May 2020 after serving half of his sentence, adding time spent behind prison in preventive detention.

With his recent release Mega news Talked to the victims of Garai To know his impression after the court considered his decision issued.

At that time, De La Fente shared his discomfort in this regard, remembering that he suffered from the fraud of a commercial engineer.

“At that time, I spent 78 million pesos, but the truth is what I received I think it was 700,000 pesos It was issued by the same court, and it was a return made to each of the scammers, “he told the channel.

Shortly thereafter, De La Fente was asked if he believed in the rehab of a businessman. “of course not, Rafael Garai will always be the same person. ” ,relief.

“I said it first, and today I say it again: He is a psychopath , He launched. He also commented on how he faced the fact that he was a victim of fraud of that magnitude.

“”Sometimes one is wrong and one falls But the important thing about this is that you won’t get hurt. I’m not injured today, “he closed.

Rafael Garai convicted

2016 Garai pretended to be cancer and ran away .. After multiple complaints to the engineer, he was handed over from Romania to Chile to stand on trial.

Therefore, on October 18, 2018, he was sentenced to seven years in prison and a fine of 21 UTM for repeated fraud against 29 people.

During the trial, experts testified at least five times on the stand.In such a case He admitted that the crimes he was charged with and the profits generated by his consulting firm Think & Co were fictitious. hello

In 2021 Gary filed for bankruptcy Achieving an auction of 11 works, worth $ 1 to $ 8 million, the profits will be paid to Chilean and consortium banks, CMR Farabella, and the Treasury Department of the Republic to settle unpaid debts of businessmen. increase.

Source: Biobiochile

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