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From the street to becoming a millionaire: the story of the father who influenced the movie The Pursuit of Happyness



The current millionaire will live on the streets with his son, who he didn’t want to leave, even when he hit the bottom of a rock and became homeless.

Perhaps it was watching on TV, movies, or the internet, but many know the story of the movie Looking for happinessWill Smith plays a single father and loses everything after investing everything in a new business project.

Therefore, with his little son (Jaden Smith), he begins his journey to get out of the deepest place where he came: in an empty pocket, going from door to door, Looking for an opportunity to get your dream job To live with a small child.

But this story is not just a movie The true story of Chris Gardner With someone who lived some of what was seen in the movie at the end of the 80’s Today he is a successful businessman and philanthropist.

according to Independent, Before his son was born, Gardner wanted to join the Navy and prepare for the medical school, but he couldn’t reach his goal. So instead, Started selling various types of medical devices ..

This is where the story that many know appears: his quest to be able to sell bone density scanners. Few doctors wanted to buy it.

At that time, after the birth of her son, she saw a well-dressed man parking his red Ferrari. Incredible to see what happened in front of him, Gardner asked a stranger two questions. “What are you doing?” And “How do you do that?”

the man He was a stock broker who earned $ 80,000 a month ..Since then, Gardner has launched his new search Achieve an internship with a broker Of the whole city.

He was hired and fired within a few days of the same person who hired him. Therefore, the losing streak continued the course, Imprisoned for failing to pay a series of fines His girlfriend decided to leave with her son.

The needs were great, but Gardner fought for custody of the boy. He achieved just before he lost his apartment.

The story behind the pursuit of happiness

According to what was recorded by BBCWhen Gardner was 27, he and his little boy lived on the street for a year. Sleeping at train stations, parks, and even where Gardner worked .. Also, I ate it soup kitchen so that I wouldn’t get hungry.

And he was working at the minimum wage, but his income was They went directly to the garden where they could go while the boy was working So he couldn’t afford a roof over his head.

Still, Gardner didn’t give up, even during his work space. Continued to look for opportunities to get his internship .. Finally, after talking openly about his current situation in his interview, he was hired by Dean Witter for his honesty.

Therefore, Gardner gave and achieved all of him. Be the only person in your group to be hired full-time It allowed him to buy a home and make more and more progress in his career.

1987, Gardner I managed to set up his own brokerage firm, Gardner Rich.

Since then, his wealth has continued to grow and he is buying a Michael Jordan Ferrari. Today he travels around the world, tells motivational stories and Supporting various charities for homeless people And against violence against women.

Gardner published an autobiography after establishing himself Pursuit of happiness (“Looking for happiness”).This book is over in addition to being successful Hollywood’s attention brought his story to the cinema in 2006 ..

Gardner told the BBC: “I don’t change anything” about his life “The rest of my destiny has come because I made the right decision.”

In 2021, Gardner participated in a talk held in Santiago, Chile. So he sent a message to the Chileans, saying, “When we do what we are really passionate about, It’s time for success and joy .. That is the sweet spot. “

“We always have to do what we like. Not everything needs to always be “want to make money” (…) The role of an entrepreneur is to realize his vision. It’s a big responsibility, a great opportunity, not a desire to make money, “he said.

Source: Biobiochile

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