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Rafael Araneda hospitalizes Father’s Day: “It hurts but I’m fine”



Rafael Araneda was hospitalized after undergoing surgery this Saturday as a result of a polyp that complicated his throat.

Another Father’s Day lives in animator Rafael Araneda A person who was hospitalized after undergoing polyp surgery.

As reported in his Instagram account, “I was already sick and had an unusual pain in my throat last Wednesday.”

“Summary: The doctor sends me to the hospital to reduce infections and rehydrate. One of the tests is a little surprising. Polyps to remove ” ,count.

Rafael Araneda: “It hurts but it’s okay”

Rafael Araneda was logically hospitalized and entered the operating room this Saturday. “Everything went smoothly and we did the necessary care. Don’t worry or exaggerate , That’s what my body knows. I had already had the same surgery for years, “he added.

“Because of some condition of my system and product, my hyperallergies, this has been repeated over the years … and it … and goes here,” he explained. ..

An entertainer who was absent from the Enamorados en USA program and Pudahuel radio space had the opportunity to thank him for saying, “It gets better in a short time, it hurts, but it’s very well cared for and surrounded by love.”

“This is because you know why you don’t see me someday. If you meet me, it’ll be the style of a silent movie,” he joked.

Source: Biobiochile

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