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Warnings from Peru’s Cine Planet about Lightyear’s LGBTQ + scene cause intense controversy on the network



The scene where two LGBTQ + community characters share a kiss in Toy Story’s animated movie Lightyear is because various Latin American movie chains have decided to warn of the existence of the scene. Caused a fuss.

The Pixar Movie Lightyear Based on a character with the same name as Toy story (1996), caused a fuss on social networks due to the scene that caused the debate about The existence of LGBTQ + themes in children’s animation ..

Now, in the face of this, some Latin American cinema has decided to warn Their clients about the existence of paintings.

This is the case On both their website and information on their rooms, they warned: “Dear customers, I would like to inform you that the movie” Buzz Lightyear “has a gender ideological scene.” .. The same thing happened with the Guatemalan cinema bistro chain.

Cine Planet Peru and Cinema Bistro | Twitter


These warnings also cause anger on the network, There is fierce debate between those who agree with the bill and those who disagree with it. ..

Demonstrated in Disagreement By notification, they confirmed this Affects the inclusion of these minorities And that too The terms used will be a way to outlaw them ..

On the other hand, some that are displayed according to the warning They want them to be duplicated and continue to be extended to other productions. ..

Suspicious scene

The scene that caused the controversy was Kiss shared by Buzz’s colleague and his partner, both women When preparing for A’s surprise partyRichard Hawthorne, Commander Lightyear ..

Photo Lasts only a few seconds And according to some parents Neither they nor their children were aware of the interaction until the controversy broke out.

Next, leave the light ear scene.

Because of the commotion Cineplanet in Peru has decided to remove news from its website in the last few hours ..

Source: Biobiochile

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