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Maximo Menem greets Cecilia Borocco and Pepo Dare for Father’s Day: he did not mention Carlos Menem



Maximo Menem focused his Father’s Day greetings on Cecilia Borocco and Pepo Dare, who raised him.

last Sunday, Father’s Day, The day when millions of people greeted their parents. On this occasion, the celebrity was not absent. Some people had very clear greetings, as in the case of. Max Menem.

Through their story InstagramThe men especially greeted the two: His mother Cecilia Borocco and his stepfather Jose Pepo der.

In this example, Menem Borocco did not mention Carlos Menem, his real father, a former Argentine president who died in 2021.

“Happy day for two people”, The exMiss universe is placed in the image that appears next to the businessman.

Message from Maximo Menem

Relationship between Maximo and Carlos Menem

In an interview a while back, Maximo pointed out that his relationship with the former Argentine president was quite distant.

“It was very difficult to contact him (his father). For a long time, I eventually called one of the caretakers, but it became difficult, “he said in an interview.

“I couldn’t be alone with him. He didn’t talk much, he was old. I didn’t know him well, so I don’t have much memory. It’s he. He also had to go through Zremita (Menem) to talk to him. “

Without going any further, the young man avoided participating in the legal debate over Carlos Menem’s inheritance in Argentina. It argued Zurema himself with Carlos Neer.

Source: Biobiochile

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