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Harry Styles helps fans tell the world that he is gay: “Congratulations, you are a free man.”



The singer stopped his London concert to share the banner he saw in the crowd. In it, the Italian asked him for help to “get out.” Then the singer obeyed his orders.

Last night at his second show at Wembley Stadium in London, Harry Styles He starred in a viral moment with a fan who asked him for help to convey his homosexuality “out of the closet” through the banner.

According to the UK portal NMEItalian fan text identified as mattia He said: “From Ono to Wembley: Help” .. Seeing that, the singer stopped the show and asked her poster to share it with the public.

Shortly thereafter, Styles requested one of his assistants for an LGBTI + flag and waved it to deliver the message. “You are now officially gay, boy … Congratulations Mattia, you are a free man.” Comment before the applause of the assistant.

This isn’t the first time a similar situation has occurred at a Harry Styles concert. Last November, he helped another fan who went to one of the concerts in the United States with his mother.

It happened in Milwaukee, and then the banner read: “My mom is at location 201. Can you help me?” .. When Styles found a guest at the stand, he asked the boy, “Do you want to be honored?” He finally chose the second option: “Lisa, she’s gay!” He said.

The British World Tour is part of a promotion for his latest studio album, “Harry’s house” He has won multiple praises and records.

It is currently the best-selling 2022 album in the UK. And this time, along with the song “As It Was”, we are moving up in the rankings of various countries.

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