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Olivia Wilde Lies, Leaked Video Exposes Her: She Continues To Be Controversial For Don’t Worry Darling



In an interview, director Olivia Wilde claimed to have fired actor Shia LaBeouf from her film. don’t worry darling To protect co-star Florence Pugh. He denied it…and now a video of Wilde asking LaBeouf not to step down has been leaked on social networks.

this Friday, American magazine Variety revealed that Shia LaBeouf provided him with evidence (email and video). disprove what Director Olivia Wilde Said in an interview with the same media: She claimed to have fired an actor from her film don’t worry darlingbut he says he quit.

and this afternoon Video provided by LaBeouf to Variety leaked on social networks show it The filmmaker would have lied in an interview so that he can be heard asking the actor to consider returning to the project.

I don’t feel ready to give up on this yet and I’m also heartbroken and want to find a way to fix it,” indicates the filmmaker on the registry.

I think this could be like a wake-up call “Miss Flow” (Florence Pugh) I would like to know if you are open to discussing this with me. If she’s really committed, if she’s really into it, and you guys make up – I respect your point of view, I respect her – but if you do it If you can, what do you think? Is there hope? Tell me,’ Wild said to him.

Variety had released Olivia’s statement in text form, but did not reveal the video that is now going viral on social networks.

Remember, LaBeouf left the film in 2020 and was replaced by a musician and actor. harry styles , will appear in the film alongside Oscar-nominated actress Florence Pugh. The film will be released on her September 22nd in Chile.

In a conversation with an American magazine varietyWilde said Shia’s acting method was very “combatant” and that she wanted a peaceful and safe environment for the team, and also because the actor was accused of sexual assault by ex-girlfriend, musician and actress FKA Twigs. He claimed he fired Shire because he was accused of suspicion. . .

“Especially in a movie like this, I was going to ask Florence (Pew) to be in a vulnerable situation.

After reading the interview, Shia LaBeouf wrote to Wilde: I gave up on your film because I didn’t have time to rehearse with your actors. ”

“I never got fired, Olivia. And I fully understand the appeal of telling that story in today’s social context, the social value it brings, but that’s just not true. So as someone who wants to set things right, I humbly ask you to correct that story in the best way you can,” the actor added.

Source: Biobiochile

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