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Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis: A decade of love that ended in an ‘awkward’ relationship



Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis were one of Hollywood’s most established couples, but their separation was announced in 2020, revealing their good relationship has since come a long way. A series of events occurred.

Looking back at the love story of Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis, with the maison actress’ most ambitious film presentation scandalous child custody lawsuit, the ending was almost unimaginable.

They’ve been in a relationship for almost a decade, making them a hardened couple in the industry given how fleeting romances can be in Hollywood.

But it all came to an end, and the main victims were their children, Otis, 8, and Daisy, 5, left in the middle of their parents’ arguments over custody and where they would live. be happy.

The reveal of Harry Styles’ relationship with the actress, who is also the main character in the upcoming movie Don’t Worry Darling and has Olivia Wilde in front of a hurricane, continues with surprising results. .

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis as a couple
@Olivia Wilde | Instagram

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudekis’ perfect relationship

“I met her at the SNL finale party,” said Jason Sudekis, referring to the moment he first met Olivia Wilde. The protagonist of Ted Lasso and the actress known as “Thirteen” from the series “House” that made her famous met at this party and just danced.

“I met Jason and thought he was very attractive. He’s a great dancer and I love great dancers. But he couldn’t even get my number.” said the actress.

Six months after the 2011 meeting, Jason’s friend gave him Olivia’s number and told him to use it. That’s when one of Hollywood’s most powerful relationships began.

The couple proceeded cautiously. Both came from already complicated relationships and didn’t want to make the same mistake. .

From that moment on, they had nothing but nice words to say to each other. ”

In 2013, Sudeikis gave Olivia a 1920s Parisian ring and asked her to marry him.

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis
@Olivia Wilde | Instagram

Children of Olivia and Jason

The couple are uniting, with Jason Sudeikis pointing out that there has been a big change in his body, but it’s all Olivia Wilde’s fault, stating, “It’s been a secret to me that I’m happy and in love.” I was grateful for the actress and her healthy lifestyle.

In October 2013, after publicly discussing how much they loved the idea of ​​becoming parents, the couple announced through their representatives that they would have children, saying, “We are very excited to welcome a new member to our family. There is,” he said.

It was April 2014 when they welcomed Otis Alexander Sudeikis, and although their marriage was delayed, they were happy.

actress mentioned Glamour “We are committed, but we don’t have a concrete plan yet. We have to find time to put it together. In many ways, a child is more of a commitment. We are really happy as a family.”

It took two years before the couple welcomed a girl, Daisy Josephine, to complete their family of four.

Children of Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis
@Olivia Wilde | Instagram

Not much was known about their engagement, but Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis never hesitated to express their deep love through social networks, interviews, and even working together.

Olivia Wilde, who directed Jason Sudeikis in Booksmart in 2019, said, “He’s one of the best improvisers in the world, so we knew we could cast him.”

Also, the director added: It’s really nice to see him do his thing. ”

Harry Styles quits in the middle

By the end of 2020, the couple had already been engaged for seven years, at which point they decided to separate. “Children are the priority and the center of family relationships,” he said.

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudekis have separated but got to see them together in the family dynamic they wanted when they separated.

Olivia Wilde began working on directing the movie Don’t Worry Darling, where she met singer and actor Harry Styles who would become her long-awaited main character.

The actress and singer established a romance, page six We’ve released footage of the two walking away hand-in-hand from the wedding of Styles’ agent Jeff Azoff.

Sources say things would have collapsed on Jason Sudeikis people, the actor was “absolutely heartbroken” by the breakup with Wilde. “There’s still a lot of love out there and he wants to be hopeful that there might be a way to mend things.

Nonetheless, he continued to maintain a good relationship with Olivia and thanked her when he won the Critics’ Choice Award for best comedy series for Ted Russo, the series he starred in March 2021. Didn’t hesitate to… He from Twitter.

The actor publicly spoke about their breakup in an interview GQ “You’ll understand why it’s better in one year, better in two years, better in five years.”

Child custody of Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudekis

By 2022, Olivia will continue her relationship with Harry Styles and is gearing up for the release of the movie Don’t Worry Darling, starring Harry and Florence Pugh. The actors had a romance, though it wasn’t very public, but they continued to maintain a good relationship in the Children’s Post.

But that all changed in April, when Olivia unveiled her film at CinemaCon 2022 in Las Vegas, where Olivia was on stage in full view of everyone, as a woman approached her and asked for child custody. The actress looked visibly uncomfortable, but continued to run the film without issue.

A close friend of Jason Sudeikis said, “[He]had no prior knowledge of when or where the envelope would be delivered. This only depended on the company involved, and he did not know that it would be delivered to him in those circumstances.” I’ll never approve of it. Inappropriate way.”

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudekis have definitely entered the realm of an awkward relationship amidst a custody battle for their children, and they’re not sure where to live, New York with their dad, or moving to Los Angeles. London, where Olivia works. do not exclude

“They try to limit direct contact between them, but both want the best for their children. And I’m trying to come up with a healthy co-parenting routine and schedule.” cosmopolitan About a couple that was once an example of how to end a relationship successfully.

The actress accused the Ted Lasso star of embarrassing and intimidating her, saying that handing over roles on stage and publicly showing their conflict was highly contrary to the best interests of the children.

Olivia Wilde in front of a hurricane

By August of this year, Wilde had won a battle for custody of his children when a judge ruled that the children’s state of origin was California. Daily Myl.

Thus ended the argument the couple had lived in for the last year, leaving Olivia alone with her children.

However, after her casting for the movie Don’t Worry Darling was revealed, the actress kept a hurricane eye.

don't worry darling
@Olivia Wilde | Instagram

Controversy has been sparked in recent weeks when the actress said in an interview that she fired Shia LaBeouf from the film and replaced him with Harry Styles. FKA Twigs.

However, the actor denied it, saying, “You and I know the reason for my departure. I gave up on your film because I didn’t have time to rehearse with your actors.”

Additionally, emails and videos were leaked of the director asking the actors to reconsider joining the film.

This contradicts what he said in an interview, claiming that he fired Florence Pugh because he knew he had to put her in a vulnerable situation with him, and that he defended her. I wanted to

The situation sparked controversy shortly before the film’s announcement at the Venice Festival, the only event in which the main character, Florence Pugh, becomes angry at the director’s actions regarding the promotion of the film.

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