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Dua Lipa’s reaction to meeting Polima West Coast in Mexico: She sang and danced Chilean songs



The Chilean singer met the British as they prepared for a concert in Monterrey, Mexico.

Urban singer Polima West Coast shared her Instagram story with Meeting British singer Dua Lipa from Kosovar Albania recognized him and danced his hits ultra solo.

Musicians in Mexico City to promote their songs with J Balvin cuteshared a video with his fans before showing up in what appeared to be a crowded dressing room.

There is the current Dua Lipa and Spanish actor Aron Piper.a voice saying levitation Noticed WestCoast and performed a short dance while singing “Ultra Solo”.

In it, she and the Chilean laugh, embrace and greet each other, and the artist says, “Nice to meet you.”

The video continues with a second shot where the singer is seen talking to an Englishwoman. he tells her he just left cute With J. Balvin.

“I need to check out”, Dua Lipa smiles and comments before introducing Polima West Coast to her dad, Dukajin Lipa.

The artist then wrote next to the record: “Here you can see that I am very happy.”

This Wednesday, the singer performed in Mexico, and at the ensuing afterparty, Dua Lipa had a tense moment Richter 6.8 degree aftershock felt After the earthquake that occurred on September 19th. is expected to be the creator of new rule I will attend Monterrey, Mexico on the 23rd of this month.

Polyma West Coast and its international popularity

topic ultra soloPolimá West Coast shared with Pailita eventually became an international hit. And it showed that not only was Dua Lipa caught dancing to the song at a disco, but Bad Bunny himself knew the subject.

Since then, the Chilean artist from Angola has won various international awards. Among them, it was confirmed that I will be in charge of the opening of Daddy Yankee in Chile this week.

Thus joining the city’s artists performing the opening shows of international artists. For example, Princesa’s Alba animated at her Coldplay concert preview this week, and Pyrita opening for her concert at Mike’s Towers on September 23rd.

Source: Biobiochile

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