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TV channels make the most of Turkish strongmen. The rise of Can Yaman, Kerem Bursin and Onur Tuna



The actors have appeared in TVN, Mega and CHV series in Turkey and seem to be getting the public’s attention after their popular images.

In 2014, Mega almost unwittingly introduced a new trend in Chilean television. It’s a Turkish TV series.so was the fad arabian nightsa new diagram began to appear: Turkish Galant.

Thus, in between the ups and downs, this type of fiction existed and marked the rise of the man who rose to fame in Chile.For example, an actor Harit Ergench who was Onur Sherazade’s Complicated Love.

Almost a decade after arriving in Chile, with the ups and downs of its popularity, today the national channel They do not leave the main character who finally conquers the viewer due to various characteristics.

Can Yaman: Turkey’s Brave Example

Such is the case with Kang Yaman, for example. The actor, who is characterized by a beard and long hair similar to the style of Jason Momoa, Turkish soap opera star dream with you It broadcasts TVN.

There he plays Kang David, a freewheeling photographer returning home for a family business anniversary party. There he learns that his father is seriously ill and must take charge of the company and all the problems it brings.

However, at the event, David accidentally kisses Sanem, a new employee at the place, in a box, mistaking him for his girlfriend Paulen in the dark. Thus, among multiple misunderstandings and lies, Kang ends up falling in love with Sanem, who loves a mysterious man who kissed her in the dark.

The 32-year-old actor is not only successful in his home country fiction. Little by little he has made a name for himself in the world of international entertainment. A lawyer and model, he is fluent in Turkish, Italian, German and English and has appeared in various productions.

Yaman is currently starring in the Italian series viola eating the sea.

Kerem Bylsin and ‘You Stole My Heart’ fame

But at Mega they don’t back down either, and Yarman isn’t the only one enjoying the public’s affection. you stole my heartactor and model Kerem Bylsin, 35, seeks to captivate viewers with a more Anglo-Saxon style.

Blonde-haired, fair-skinned, and stocky, Buresin plays Serkan Borat, a billionaire heiress and highly capable bachelor. By chance of fate, the young man meets Eda Yourdis, an architecture student who is about to travel to Italy to complete his training, and suggests faking her engagement in front of her family and the press.

Bürsin is already a household name in Spain, so he has built his career outside of Turkey. have great friendships like Antonio Banderas which he shares at different times.

A Standout Promotion: The Case of CHV

CHV also seems to have a favorite actor, Onur Tuna (37).Tsuna is an actor, economist, musician, and model. play Dr. Fellman doctor miracle, With his well-manicured beard and deep blue eyes, he has gained more and more followers.

channel Dishes are repeated with actors because he will appear in the next Turkish fiction forbidden passionhe is Arihan, the most qualified bachelor in Istanbul.

The young heiress is always accompanied by women, but he ensures that he never falls in love. However, his life changes radically when he meets Zeynep, a woman who aligns with his ethical values ​​to pursue his career success.

Source: Biobiochile

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