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Loki Second Season Trailer Leaked: The Series Will Return In Mid-2023



Loki’s new season trailer leaked Thursday night. In the first season, Loki is trapped in a new timeline and has to warn everyone about the ongoing war.

Early Thursday, the Tik Tok social network began releasing new videos that were replicated in different parts of the world. But rather than new challenges and trends, From the leaked trailer for the second season of Loki.

In an apparently slyly shot video, they Loki 2 show you how It all happens right after the first season ends.

Thus, Loki is shown claiming to be “stuck in time” after being confused. In an alternate TVA reality where no one, including Mobius, knows who he is.

What’s next for Loki, according to the leaked trailer?

Either way, the Norse gods warn that war and the complete destruction of that world are approaching, so they once again begin investigating what’s going on with Mobius.

With the survivors killed by Sylvie and Kang the Conqueror approaching, tensions rise again and all the characters regroup to confront the supervillain.

The villain doesn’t appear in the trailer, but Loki reveals a hidden mural behind a wall of sculptures in honor of the Guardian of Time. El Conquistador is observed in the foreground sculpture.

So far, it’s not known where the leaked video came from, but it’s been speculated that: Will come from Expo D23 secret features Disney made a series of announcements and interviews about upcoming projects.

They actually appeared at the event. Tom Hiddleston, Sofia Di Martino, Owen Wilson Announcing the new work of the god of deception.

A leaked video states that the new season will arrive in the summer in the United States. in short, from June to September next year.

It should be remembered that Loki’s first season ended with Sylvie, a Loki variant, killing off the One Who Remains, who was responsible for keeping various realities at bay.

Now, with his departure, he realizes that all these parallel worlds They can clash, spark wars among themselves, and see who will lead the multiverse.

This causes Loki to decide to return to Mobius and TVA, but they are unaware of his existence, revealing that he is in an alternate reality.

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