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‘I came without sleep’: Montserrat Alvarez confessed to leading the program while drunk



The journalist spoke about her penchant for celebrations.

This Thursday, Monserrat Álvarez was guaranteed in the program grill partners that He got drunk and drove to one of the tvN shows. The journalist was a new guest on the program, where she shared various aspects of her personal and professional life.

During a relaxed conversation with Francisco Saavedra, Jorge Zabaleta and Pedro Lumino, Alvarez commented: His penchant for parties and social gatherings.

“I like taxis,” he began. “Actually, when I was doing the news from 6:30 to 8:00, It was only an hour on air, so I taxied a lot more than I do now. ” and confession.

According to journalists “I endured, I came without sleeping” In it, after a short pause, he said: “I once drove state of the nation in a drunken state.”

That’s when people on set began celebrating his audacity, and rather than laughing at the moment, the communicator admitted, “It was awful.”

“I remember perfectly the guests I had, the clothes I wore, everything,” he said, noting that the guests at the time were politicians and businessmen. Edmundo Perez Yoma.

“I went to a party where they served champagne. I didn’t know how much I drank.” he admitted.

In any case, the communicator admitted that he didn’t realize his condition until he got home ready to rest. “It was so painful that I couldn’t sleep at all,” he said.

So she went to the live show and pointed out how she didn’t feel lucid in space, but anyway, He wanted to camouflage his country.

“I was so desperate I thought, ‘I’m going to get kicked out, I’m going to get kicked out,’ but then I became more aggressive than ever.” I called her and congratulated her. .

After some time, however, Montserrat Alvarez affirmed that now he no longer lived under that rhythm and returned to work drunk.I arrived tired and sleepless, but I dare not taxi It’s on air for 5 hours,” he concluded.

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Source: Biobiochile

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