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Eduardo Fuentes comments on the return of Mentilas Berdaderas and the arrival of Alejandro Guillier: “He’s a capo”



The journalist was Space’s former animator until he stepped down during a strike that paralyzed the channel for months.

Journalist Eduardo Fuentes congratulated former program Lies Verdaderas on his return to the Network, commenting: How he sees the next animation into the universe of communicator Alejandro Guillier.

This is because after last Wednesday, the La Red program started launching publications and the signal was We will return to normal on Monday, September 26th.

Fuentes wished him luck through comments on Instagram, even though the driver’s name is questionable. “I sincerely wish you every success. Dear friends, I’m glad you’re back because you deserve something better. ” as his writing warrants, he adds hundreds of likes.

Eduardo Fuentes and his comments.
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in a conversation with BioBio Chile Fuentes reaffirmed his good wishes for the production after resigning from the channel in July of this year. All they want is to work and do what they are good at. ”

About the role that Guilliers play in the universe, the presenter of Buenas Noches a Todos reaffirmed the joy of the universe returning. “alexander is the boss with extensive experience in communication. He will definitely do great things.” Said.

In this same media conversation, the former presidential candidate said:Channel started paying outstanding salaries I was able to go back to work. ”

“Foreign exchange came from the Central Council. I don’t know if it’s the latest situation, This will allow us to go out on two programs from Monday. We are very anxious and happy,” he said, explaining that the show’s return to the channel will be somewhat gradual.

Eduardo Fuentes and his departure from True Lies

There was no official announcement from La Red, but Fuentes said announced his resignation from Signal amid a strike that lasted for months when workers claim unpaid wages.

So, at the end of July and A few weeks after tvN’s rookie confirmation the communicator said goodbye to the space through social networks.

“Today should have aired the final chapter where he announced The True Lie. The idea was to end this stage of the show on air once the strike was over. didn’t (…) a program I love and always keep in mind, and that cOnce the channel has fixed the problem, onfío will return with a new host. ” he said then.

Source: Biobiochile

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