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From Gender Violence to Sexual Abuse: What’s ‘Blonde’ Real and What’s Fake?



The Marilyn Monroe-inspired film Blonde has divided critics, although everyone agrees on Anna’s impeccable performance.

Premieres on Netflix this September 28th blonde is one of the most anticipated films of the year, and while it’s not that close to reality, marilyn monroe .

Movies with Cuban actors Anne of Arms, Based on the novel of the same name, Joyce Carol Oates .

Inspired by Marilyn’s story, the script unfolds a graphic and intricate plot, reflecting well-known rumors and intimate thoughts of the actress.

But what is true and what is not in history?

REAL: His Mother’s Mental Problems

movies start small Norma Jeanne under the care of his mother, Gladys Pearl Baker a woman who deeply blames her for the rejection of the girl’s father who never wanted her to be born.

Women who also have serious problems with alcohol and drugs not only use photos, Clark Gable He assures him that he is Norma’s father, but as a result of his delusions, he puts his daughter in danger several times in brutal ways.

Finally, after putting the girl in a hot tub, Gladys was admitted to a psychiatric hospital and Norma was sent to an orphanage.

The first few years of Norma’s life were as tragic as those seen in blondes.

Born out of an affair between a boss and his mother at the RKO Pictures studio. Norma grew up never knowing her father, whom she stayed with until she was diagnosed with Gladys. In 1934 to the paranoia of schizophrenia.

From the age of eight, I wandered around friends’ houses, orphanages and nursing homes. She became independent when she married James Dougherty in 1942 when she was 16 years old.

One of the most famous rumors in the world. It’s even been mentioned in series like The Crown. And speculation didn’t stop after Marilyn Monroe sang Happy Birthday to President John Kennedy at Madison Square Garden in 1962.

Blondes are approached in the most humiliating way possible. Her start was taking her to her president, who was recovering from her surgery.

Having lost her son, Monroe, still struggling with depression, was dragged into the Secret Service because a mixture of alcohol and drugs rendered her virtually unconscious.

When she was finally able to meet the “President”, he greeted her while still on the phone and forced her to perform oral sex. Finally, when he hangs up on her, he prepares to rape her.

The scene ends with Marilyn in a very bad state, virtually willless.

In real life, despite the fact that they were fed over time, there has been no confirmation of the romance rumors, nor has any such crime occurred.

In fact, many speculate that Marilyn also had an affair with JFK’s brother Bob. And his suicide would have been a way to cover up the president’s cheating.

FALSE: Love trio with Chaplin’s son

Blondes include Marilyn, Charlie “Cass” Chaplin Jr., Edward “Eddie” G.

The three had a simultaneous love affair that filled the front pages of the newspapers, and ended as a result of Marilyn’s abortion.

In real life, there is no record of such a trio ever existing, Although there is evidence that Monroe and Chaplin had an affair .

REAL: Domestic violence with DiMarzio

In real life, Marilyn Monroe was married to a baseball player Joe Dimaggi Or a relationship that only lasted nine months because of the jealousy and abuse of the athlete.

In fact, the film not only hints at this story, but turns it into one of the most difficult scenes in cinema.

The name of the man, who is only mentioned as a former athlete, was never given, but it is clear that it is DiMaggio whom he dated for two years before getting married. To fulfill the dream of both having a family and a quiet life.

The problem is he was at the bottom while she was at the top of her career. This made him want to be more involved in his wife’s work.a, prohibiting her from continuing to develop her image as a sexy bombshell or a “silly blonde”.

After the famous scene in The Seven Year Itch, where Marilyn in a white dress whirled through the air on the subway, the relationship came to an end. The story goes that DiMaggio was present and left the place in a rage.

Years later, it was his son who confirmed the romance.

REAL: Happily Married to Miller

according to the magazine timeone of Marilyn’s closest real-life moments in the film, Married to Arthur Miller.

Although in real life they met on the set of As Young As You Feel In 1951, their real relationship began with an audition at New York’s Actors Studio.

On the tape, as was the case with DiMaggio, his name was not revealed, but it was clear who he was.

The first year of Monroe and Miller’s relationship was also nothing short of a dream, with the screenwriter having to divorce his first wife in order to marry the actress.

He accompanied the shooting, but she defended him against rumors linking him to communism.

The love story came to an end after a miscarriage that marked Marilyn deeply, filling in what was left between the two, the story Miller had been writing about the artist. She felt it was a betrayal.

Source: Biobiochile

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