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Dave Mustaine wants to write music with James Hetfield again



Collaboration after 40 years?

If the hopes of former member of Hetfield’s Metallica and the lead singer of Megadeth, Dave Mustaine, come true, we will be able to admire the two giants of thrash metal music in a joint project. I even think that the possibilities for this in the future are great.

So he knows Mustaine had to almost four decades ago due to problems with alcohol, drugs and violent behavior to leave the band Metallica. That’s when they are James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich and deceased Cliff Burton explained, Yes the problem was not in to drink the amount alcohol, but the violent behavior of the lead guitarist in a drunken state.

The big four

Mustaine founded his own group in 1983 Megadethwith which, alongside his former colleagues from Metallica, he formed half of the legendary big four thrash threw (Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer). The two groups were virtually equal in that period. On one side of the album Peace Sellsthigh Who’s Buying? and Rust and Peace, on the other Masters of Puppets and …And Justice for All. Today we can say Yes Metallica’s music is more commercially successful.

Hope drives him forward

It is in one of the interviews Mustaine its longevity on heavy metal explained the scene by Yes he is most driven by the desire to collaborate with former colleagues again. “I secretly hope Yes the day will come when James and I can write music again. The music world wants that, I think. Yes there is a good chance Yes this will also come true in the future. Hope to work together again and my stubbornness is the reason for my longevity. Cooperation would benefit both groups,” he said Mustaine.

Source: Rtvslo

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