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“I will never be a drug addict!”: Camila Lekabaren refers to her “Huna” when she was in America.



The former Miss Chile referred to a controversial “Huna” against her issued by another Chilean during her stay in the United States last July. accused him of taking drugs in front of his daughter.

Two months after Camila Recabaren received the “Huna” from another Chilean in America (USA), Model cites facts, claims accusations are false, and denies substance abuse .

Last July, the video was released by US resident Daniela Lopez, who evicted Lekabaren from the property she was renting. The woman accused the tenant of being behind on several months’ rent, having no food for her daughter, and using drugs. .

Now, in an interview, sara magazineCamila Recabaren explained in more detail how she met Lopez and the events that transpired as her stay in the country progressed.

“When I got to California I went to the consulate and asked if the consul had any information on cheap rental properties, and I got to her. She is a super dry craftsman. She appreciates his good vibes,” he said.

“He welcomed me with open arms,” ​​he admitted. “It was cool. was.”

Similarly, he pointed out that: The woman was having a bad time when she made those remarks what he published. “She had an unhappy time in the end, but that’s her job. I didn’t answer anything about what he said, because everything that was said was a lie.

along the same lines, he said She wasn’t the only one who mated with Lopez “I’ve argued with a boy before, and I’ve argued with another person before him, so I was on my own…” she said.

Camila Lekabaren says the accusations are false

Everything is a lie.my family and i know how things were , and I’m not going to fall for this answer publicly. I am a person with values ​​and come from an honest and hard working family. I am an athlete, I will never be a drug addict!”, said the model.

Moreover, he assured me that he did not owe any rent payments. “I paid the rent. I’m the most orderly woman. In fact, when I left that apartment, I left it impeccable.” she had something for my daughter She would always tell me ‘Isabella screwed this up’ or ‘Isabella did something else’ and we were very respectful.

finally, he mentioned the day he had to move out of his apartment “It was terrible. She locked my daughter. Isabella cried a lot. It was really hard for me. He wouldn’t let us out of the apartment. Other Chileans were trying I had to come help …” he said.

“I don’t know why so many people are against me. I don’t know why he said that, but I can’t take responsibility for what he said or didn’t say.” I hope you are doing well and doing well in life, I can only add that,” he added.

Source: Biobiochile

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