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‘It was worth it’: Alejandra Fosalva remembers nude scenes she did in TV series



The actress recalled a time when she had to go nude for a TV series, pointing out people’s reactions and some anecdotes she lived through during those processes.

Friday night, Alejandra Fosalva we can talk, CHV night program.that side He recalled a moment in his television career when he had to pose nude on camera .

The actress commented on audience reactions and how she dealt with some anecdotes she shared with other actors. “It was worth it, but I think it went a little further. In a way, we were all testing what the limits were,” he said.

In the same way, she recognized that she had really explored her own limits. i feel like i’m over my limit ‘ commented.

He also recalled being perplexed by the public reaction.I was so embarrassed to meet people on the street who mischievously said they saw me in the scene last night. for example”.

moreover, he recalled an unpleasant anecdote he had during filming “One time, during the shower scene, I turned my back and wore a loincloth type,” the actress began.

“I was in the shower and suddenly it seemed like the soundman wasn’t looking at me. He was avoiding me. I could see the loincloth was on the floor. He PotopeOf course, imagine starting everything from scratch.”

Alejandra Fosalva Finally, he commented on how he recorded those scenes with his colleague Francisco Melo. “Pancho has a lot of nudity anecdotes.

Source: Biobiochile

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