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‘The Incredible Lie’: Musician Behind ‘Trumpet Jackal’ Accuses Don Francisco of Treason



It was in an interview with Page 7 that the musician behind “Trumpet Jackal” recalled how his time on the program ended and how the production gave him character.

Leonardo Nuñez, a musician who embodied the character of the “Jackal of Trumpets”. Giant Saturdayrecalling the sad “betrayal blow” he suffered from the program when he was fired, and later they revealed Jackal’s “real” face in a made-up story.

Regarding the origin of this character, he said: There was a 6-foot man with a gong, and he sang badly, so I banged the gong and took him out. ”

Furthermore, it reveals: Because of the Jackal, he had to face legal battles with Don Francisco. he tried to remove the mark from me and I own a ‘jackal with a trumpet,'” he assures.

“It’s not very much related to work, but I’m proud to own all of Mandolino, Pepe Yerba and ‘Four Teeth’ as ​​they are brands that belong to the consortium he owns. .

A treasonous blow to the “trumpet jackal”

Similarly, he comments: he felt betrayed by the end given to his character At the end of the channel 13 program. Fired for the cost of taking him from Chile to the United States and recording it “It was a very ugly betrayal,” he says.

“when Giant Saturday We did the last program and they said, “Let’s show the Jackal’s face.” It was with great pain that I witnessed the use of actors who could not even play the trumpet. It’s about saying he’s a character,” he revealed.

“The man was so young that he said he inherited it from his father. it was an incredible lie He was the owner of yes and no, he had a team of four (he ruled), we were the number, who added, who kept it, and who remained who kept it. I took it out,” he said. he claims

the full interview 7 pages

Source: Biobiochile

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